What Is The Battle Pass Instant Rebate In Cold War?

Season 2 Reloaded for Black Ops Cold War is in full swing as the game enters the second half of Season 2 with a wave of brand-new content. The new half-season features the release of Miami Strike, the arrival of Wolf and Rivas as playable Operators, and so much more.

The new update has also seen plenty of brand-new filed added into the game, meaning there have been plenty of leaks revealing a glimpse of some of the new content arriving at some point during the remaining weeks of the season.

One of the leaks is the discovery of a logo that reads ‘Battle Pass Instant Rebate’, suggesting that some form of refund mechanic is being added into the game.

Here’s everything we know about the Battle Pass Instant Rebate and what it could be.

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Battle Pass Instant Rebate

The logo was first discovered by @TailsDoll711 but other than that, details surrounding what the Instant Rebate could mean are minimal.

One Twitter user seems convinced that the rebate is some kind of discount for the Battle Pass which goes live at the beginning of every season.

Black Ops Cold War Battle Pass Instant Rebate Logo Leaked
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The logo, what does it mean?

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A One-Time Purchase?

@WarzoneNewz has provided some fresh information surrounding the Instant Rebate.

The option will enable players to claim the 1300 COD Points available to earn in the Battle Pass as soon as it has been purchased.

It seems like a crafty method of Activision getting players to spend more points rather than saving them in order to buy the next Battle Pass.

Battle Pass Instant Rebate Release Date

Despite the discovery of the logo, Treyarch or Activision has yet to comment on when the Instant Rebate initiative will be released.

Considering that the logo for the initiative has been discovered within the files of the game, there’s every chance that the Battle Pass Instant Rebate could be releasing as soon as the start of Season 3 which is expected to launch towards the end of April.

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