Miami Strike Map Cold War Guide – Best Classes, Rush Routes, Grenade Spots, Objective Locations And Everything You Need To Know

Miami Strike is one of the brand-new maps arriving as Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War reaches its halfway stage. The condensed and sunlit iteration of the Miami map is one of three new maps arriving as part of the mid-season update releasing on March 31st.

The smaller map design encourages plenty of close-quarters action and with some new pieces of cover added, there are plenty of opportunities to duck and dive in and out of cover in a bid to catch the opposition off guard.

Miami is the second map that has received a smaller design with 6v6 gameplay in mind and having played the larger map, this smaller map could be an excellent addition to the map pool.

In this article, we take a closer look at Miami Strike.

Map Design

Based on Treyarch’s teaser, Miami Strike consists of the southwest side of the larger Miami map containing the multi-storey garage, the Paramour and Evermore hotels along with the alleyway that runs down the back of the hotels.

With plenty of cover in nearly every single area of the map, it can be very easy to be caught out by an opponent patiently waiting in a corner waiting for you to rush around a corner at breakneck speed.

For those that prefer to pick off opposition from a distance, the Ocean Drive features one of the very few long-distance sightlines which is ideal for assault rifle players and snipers waiting for an opponent to stray into their crosshairs as they attempt an audacious flank around the front of the hotels.

Tips And Tricks

1) Hotel Lockdown

The Paramour Hotel is arguably one of the key areas of the map to control in order to achieve success.

With very few entrances and exits, it can be very easy to trap the enemy team into the confines of the building, forcing them to attempt an escape into the alleyway or around the back of the garage.

Utilise shotguns and fast-firing submachine guns to deal maximum damage.

2) High Impact Flanks

There are minimal opportunities to spring a surprise in such a congested map, meaning a perfectly timed flank can have a huge impact on the course of a game.

Heading around the back of the garage and into the alleyway is the perfect way to avoid any kind of contact inside the Paramour Hotel and will allow you to sneak to the other end of Ocean Drive undetected.

Make sure to equip Ninja as one of your Perks in order to reduce footstep audio to further reduce the risk of being detected by an opponent with their headset cranked up.

3) Total Aggression

Perhaps the most effective strategy to adopt on Miami Strike is to fully commit to getting in the faces of the opposition.

Staying in close proximity to the enemy will allow you to score plenty of kills and if you’re darting in and out of the alleyway and into the hotels, there’s a high chance of going on an incredible streak.

Best Classes

Here are the weapons that we recommend using on Miami Strike.

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