Call of Duty 2024 actor seemingly reveals new main character

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Screenshot of Call of Duty Black Ops player holding pistol and Adler firing grenade launcher
Credit: Activision

Despite several months of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's lifespan still remaining, attention is already turning to 2024's upcoming instalment in the hugely popular FPS series.

With Season 4 Reloaded now underway, the rumour mill surrounding this title is starting to churn. Although official news isn't expected until next year at the very earliest, fans are already hoping the developers can deliver another blockbuster campaign and fast-paced multiplayer experience.

The latest revelation involves an actor who has seemingly revealed information about the main character that will feature in its single-player, in addition to details as to where the game could be set.

Call of Duty 2024 actor accidentally reveals new character

The leak involves an actor that is seemingly assisting with the development of CoD 2024, which is rumoured to be a sequel to Black Ops Cold War. As spotted by Insider Gaming, actor Luke Charles Stafford uploaded several photos from within a motion capture facility to social media, suggesting that his likeness is being used for a new main character known as “Ratcliffe”.

Screenshot of Luke Charles Stafford social media post
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Credit: Screenshot via Insider Gaming

If Stafford’s post is accurate, there’s a chance that the Ratcliffe character is based on former British Army veteran Peter Ratcliffe, who took part in the Gulf War. During his time as part of the Parachute Regiment and SAS, Ratcliffe was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Ratcliffe being named as the main character of Call of Duty 2024, would, if true, imply that the events of Treyarch’s next game will take place during the Gulf War.

Call of Duty 2024 expected release date

The release date for Call of Duty 2024 is still currently unknown, but there's a strong possibility of the game launching in the series' usual Q4 slot. Based on Black Ops Cold War's launch, we estimate Call of Duty 2024 is likely to release in late October or early November, but time will tell if that's actually the case.


For now, it's worth taking the post with a pinch of salt until Treyarch is ready to share more information on its latest project.

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