Raven and Treyarch Reveal Cold War and Warzone Season 5 Roadmap

Treyarch and Raven teased the Warzone and Cold War Season 5 roadmap, and it's loaded with new modes, Operators, weapons, and more.

Some of these will hit the games once Season 5 releases August 12, though as always, a few new additions are reserved for mid-season drops.

Here's what to expect.

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Warzone Season 5 Roadmap

New Map Update

  • Mobile Broadcast Stations - these keep areas from being boosted by their rewards

Raven also teased another new map update, but hid details behind [Redacted] tags.

New Mode: Clash

Raven describes Clash as a "spiritual successor to Rumble" that brings 50v50 combat to select areas of Verdansk. Contracts and public events can spawn at any time during matches as well.

New Gulag: Rush

This season's Gulag is based on the classic Black Ops II map and features a massive central speedball arena.

New Perks

  • Combat Scout: Damaging a foe briefly highlights them and automatically pings them.
  • Tempered: Armor plates are tempered more heavily, so two count as "fully armored"

Cold War Season 5 Roadmap

New Multiplayer Mode: Double Agent

Treyarch describes Double Agent as an "investigative party experience" where the goal is sussing out which among you is the spy bent on sabotaging the mission or successfully destroying the team to carry out your plan.

Roles are divided between Double Agents, Investigators, and Operatives, each with unique abilities and access to special items and weapons.

Demolition (Mid Season)

The classic protect-and-defend mode arrives for the first time in Cold War. One side must defend a set of active bombs from assault, while the other's goal is activating the bombs.

New Maps

  • Echelon (6v6)
  • Showroom (3v3, 2v2)
  • Slums (6v6)
  • Drive-in (6v6, mid-season)
  • Zoo (6v6, mid-season)

New Scorestreaks

Treyarch is adding the Flamethrower as a low-cost Killstreak that you'll lose once you've been killed.

Cold War Season 5 Zombies Content

New Perk - Death Perception

This Perk lets the drinker see enemy outlines even when the enemy itself is obscured. It can also be upgraded through several tiers.

Field Upgrade - Tesla Storm

This upgradeable... upgrade... stuns and damages enemies by shooting lightening between you and your allies. At higher levels, it can increase squad movement speed and damage both Special and Elite Zombies.

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New Outbreak Content

New Region - Collateral

This Outbreak region debuts at launch and is full of both zombie hordes and Aetherium Crystals. It's also home to several missions and a brand-new vehicle-based objective.

New Objective - Transport

This objective also debuts at launch and tasks you with escorting a vehicle safely through the hordes in the Outbreak Zone, but you'll have an extra set of treads to help out.

New Vehicle - Tank

The tank is bulldozing its way into Outbreak. It's a mobile fortress with cannons and mini-guns, but as you'd expect, it's also very slow.

Season 5 Content in Cold War and Warzone

New Operators

Both games are getting three new Operators:

  • Kitsune (Warsaw Pact, launch)
  • Stryker (NATO, mid-season)
  • Hudson (NATO), mid-season)

New Weapons

  • EM2 Assault Rifle (launch)
  • TEC-9 SMG (launch)
  • Cane (Melee, launch)
  • Marshal (secondary, in-season)

[Source: Raven]

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