New Warzone Update Nerfs Popular Assault Rifle

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Raven issued a small new Warzone update with some changes to two popular guns.

The powerhouse Krig-6 assault rifle is getting a slight nerf in two areas.

The update reduces its lower torso multiplier damage from 1.1 down to 1, and it also decreases the Krig-6 maximum damage range from 1,500 to 1,400.


They aren't massive changes, but it's still worth bearing in mind when you put your loadout together.

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New Warzone Update Nerfs Popular Assault Rifle

Meanwhile, the update buffs the CX-9 a bit. The CX-9 mid-damage range is now 21, up from 20 previously, and the headshot multiplier is 1.45 instead of 1.4 as it was before.

This small update comes ahead of the new Warzone Season 5 update planned for later this month. And thanks to the recently revealed Season 5 roadmap, we have a good idea what to expect from it, including new weapons, maps, and more.

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