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Will Battlefield 2042 Have A Free To Play Game Mode?

Battlefield 2042 is confirmed for release this coming October. The developers have just announced that the pre-orders are now available. However, is there any chance that Battlefield 2042 be free to play in any way?

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Not On Release

As of now, EA has no official statements about free-to-play featurse in Battlefield 2042. The surefire way to play the game is to pre-order it and wait for announcements. EA has already confirmed that pre-orders will assure players earlier access on the open beta and the game’s release.

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Could Be On Its Open Beta

It’s been a popular practice for many multiplayer games to let players try out their game prior to the game’s release to see if they’ll like it. EA has yet to lock the exact dates for the Battlefield 2042 open beta but it’s expected to happen before its release.

However, EA has also yet to confirm if the Open Beta will be accessible to all players who have the hardware to run the game. So far, only players who’ve pre-ordered the game are assured a slot and even access the Open Beta earlier than the other players.


Free-To-Play Game Mode?

On July 22, another EA Play Live will hold more details about the upcoming Battlefield 2042. The confirmed content in the show are revealing more details about the title’s game modes. Information about the Hazard Zones and an unspecified game mode are about to be revealed.

Potentially, one of these game modes could be a Free-To-Play game mode for Battlefield 2042. As of the latest Call of Duty entries, the Warzone Battle Royale game mode is free-to-play for anybody who has capable hardware and disk space for the title.

Battlefield 2042 could follow having a free-to-play game mode and may get a similar surge of playerbase population

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