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Everything You Need To Know About Battlefield 2042's Specialists

Battlefield 2042 is looking to refocus so that they can win their fans back and deciding to make the game multiplayer-only is definitely a choice, though one that a lot of fans are going to enjoy.

While the lack of a single-player campaign is pretty disappointing, the fact that it can support 128 players should make it a multiplayer game to behold, even with the usual Battlefield bugs that normally plague this franchise.

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Everything You Need To Know About Battlefield 2042's Specialists

One of the interesting changes Battlefield 2042 has made, aside from the lack of single-player, is how the Class System has been replaced by the Specialists.

Specialists in Battlefield 2042 will have their own gadgets and abilities, which should make for some interesting gameplay.

Here’s what you need to know about each of these Specialists in Battlefield 2042.


Casper - The Recon Specialist

Wikus ‘Casper’ Van Daele is a South African soldier who can detect the movements of other players and scout them out with his OV-P Recon Drone.

Players who like to play sneaky and catch their opponents off guard should consider choosing Casper as their Specialist.

Webster Mackay - The Assault Specialist

As his Specialist title implies, Webster Mackay is a Canadian soldier who is very good at getting close and taking down his opponents.

His special abilities include a Grappling Hook that should make traveling more fun and getting to opponents quicker, while his Nimble trait lets him dodge bullets quicker than most.

Maria Falck - The Support Specialist

Players who are used to being the healer of their groups will want to play as Maria over here, as the German soldier will be able to revive their teammates quickly.

Her S21 Syrette Pistol can heal teammates from afar, while her Combat Surgeon trait has yet to be detailed by DICE.


Boris - The Engineer Specialist

For those that want to wield heavy weapons, Boris is your man as the soldier will be useful for taking down enemies and vehicles, making him a huge threat.

Boris’ SG-36 Sentry Gun is what he’ll use to auto-engage the enemies or vehicles, while his Sentry Operator trait boosts the Sentry Gun’s proficiency.

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