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Is Battlefield 2042 Coming To Gamepass

Ever since the latest Xbox Series X generation, Microsoft has been including some of the latest releases as a free game on the Xbox Game Pass. EA’s Battlefield 2042 has just been confirmed and is slated for release this October. Will we see it as part of the upcoming game pass.

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Is Battlefield 2042 Coming To Game Pass

Unfortunately, both EA and Microsoft have yet to confirm if Battlefield 2042 will be part of the Xbox Game Pass. As of the release, Battlefield 2042 has just announced that pre-orders are available and no mentions if it’ll be part of the Xbox Game Pass.

For now, fans can’t expect the game or its open beta access for Xbox Game Pass anytime soon.

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Still Possible

However, Battlefield 2042 is still months away from its release. EA and Microsoft still has time to announce if it’ll be included in Xbox’s premium membership system.


Meanwhile, EA has also confirmed that it’ll also add a feature where players could fight bots in the multiplayer mode. The feature is EA’s solution for players who can only play outside the server’s peak player hours.

Players also have a chance to play with a room alone with other 127 bots. This mode is perfect for practice sessions where players can roam around freely with enough targets to fight against and not have the pressure of securing map objectives.

In the long run, EA could also put the game in the Xbox Game Pass to encourage more players in the servers.

October Release

Battlefield 2042 is confirmed for release this October 2021. Fans of the series can now pre-order the game on Steam and Origin if they wish to do so. Pre-ordering the better editions will also provide a slot for early access for its open beta and game launch.

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