Apex Legends Streamer iiTzTimmy Solos From Bronze to Predator Rank in One Epic 54-Hour Stream

For some of us mere mortals, simply fighting on the Apex Legends ranked ladder is a lot to handle, and with the vast majority of players sitting in Gold rank, becoming an Apex Predator is nothing more than a daydream. However, many streamers are challenging themselves to get from Bronze rank all the way to the top on fresh accounts, all in the name of content.

However, ‘iiTzTimmy’ decided to take the challenge to the next level by completing the challenge in one stream. Perhaps inspired by Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren’s subathon earlier this year, or maybe just because he wants to prove himself as the best Apex Legends player on Twitch, he completed the challenge in the early hours of this morning, August 17.

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iiTzTimmy Solos From Bronze To Predator Rank In One Epic 54-Hour Stream

Even though he gradually lost more and more marbles as the stream went on, somehow Timmy’s aim was completely unaffected by the marathon gaming session. Even as he passed the 50-hour mark, he was clutching 1v3s and claiming as much RP as he could get his hands on.

This clip is from hour 34 of the stream, which sees Timmy’s expertly thrown ‘nades and pixel-perfect Pathfinder grapples help him to take out four opponents on his lonesome. 

Those of us hard stuck in Diamond rank have hope though, as Timmy too was trying to escape its carbon clutches for almost an entire day.

Timmy averaged over 100,000 viewers during his marathon effort, nearly hitting 150,000 at the stream’s peak. Was it worth staying up for two and a half days with no sleep? Only he can say.

With Call of Duty: Warzone streamers like Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff and Tim 'TimTheTatman' Betar hopping over to Apex Legends to enjoy Season 10 (and having a some major arguments while they’re here), Timmy has laid down the gauntlet for all Apex streamers to try to match.

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