Ludwig's Record Breaking Twitch Stream Ends After 31 Days

Twitch star Ludwig has brought his record-breaking stream to an end after being live for a whopping 31 days.

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Ludwig's Record Breaking Twitch Stream Ends After 31 Days

Ludwig shut down his mammoth subathon after reaching the 'day-limit cap' on his viral subathon. During the stream he managed to surpass Ninja's previous record of 269,154 subs, topping out at a figure in excess of 282,000.

That equates to $1.6 million before Twitch takes their cut, although Ludwig has vowed to donate all the money made from the final day to charity.

The Twitch star has basically spent the last month streaming his entire life, from gaming and watching VODS, to showering (in shorts) and working out. The stream even stayed live whilst he slept - in a racing car bed he ceremoniously destroyed during the final day.

“I’ve never been so consistent with my working out. I slept eight hours a day, ate three meals a day,” he said as the stream neared its end. “It’s been really interesting, being so set in my life. It’s been crazy. We went from 32 million channel views to 72 million. That’s way more than double. Just blows my mind.”

The viral stream came about when Ludwig said he would extend the stream by 15 seconds for every sub or bit donation he received. He eventually had to put a hard limit of 31 days on the broadcast after subs kept rolling in, even going so far as to unleash the ban hammer on anyone who gifted more than 100 subs.

His countdown timer reached as high as 60 hours at one stage, whilst dropping to only a couple of seconds at others, before a flurry of subs would see it bumped up again.

For his part, Ninja congratulated Ludwig on Twitter, remarking how 'records are made to be broken.'

As to whether Ludwig will ever do it again? Don't count on it.

“I think this was a cool, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was excited every day to wake up, because it’s never going to happen to me again. Will I do it again? Definitely not.”

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