Dr Disrespect Expects Battlefield 6 Battle Royale To Compete With Warzone

Whether or not Battlefield 6 will actually contain a battle royale has yet to be confirmed, though that hasn't stopped the hype for such a mode from building.

Prominent streamer Dr. Disrespect took to the airwaves recently, airing his frustrations with Call of Duty: Warzone and expressing his hope that any future battle royale mode in the upcoming Battlefield entry will deliver.

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Dr Disrespect Expects Battlefield 6 Battle Royale To Compete With Warzone

The Doc has long been a force in the battle royale space, cutting his teeth on H1Z1 and of course PUBG, though despite continuing to play the hugely successful Warzone, has been pretty open with his criticisms of the game.

During a recent stream where he was once again unhappy with Activision's BR following a less-than-successful shootout, Disrespect began waxing lyrical about a potential battle royale in DICE EA's upcoming shooter.

"I am excited for Battlefield’s BR,” he said, remarking how Warzone is "kinda taking over" the genre following it's runaway success.

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Referring to the DICE's previous - ultimately underwhelming - Battlefield battle royale Firestorm, The Doc continued: “Firestorm, that was like a pre, pre, pre barebones alpha, lets get something out there, we won’t support it at all and that’s exactly what they did. I have a feeling that they’re going to really bring it for this next Battlefield, and it’s going to be fast, it's gonna be explosive.”

Although we do know a new Battlefield game is currently in development, details about what form the game will take are currently thin on the ground. It is expected to launch later this year, with some rumours pointing to a reveal sometime this spring.

The prevalence of vehicles in the series would certainly lend any battle royale mode within Battlefield 6 a unique experience, something the YouTube star is interested in: "I'll be curious to see how they balance it out if they do have vehicles, which they probably will."

With a first look at the game (hopefully) not too far away, we shouldn't have too long to wait to discover whether or not this rumoured battle royale mode will indeed feature in Battlefield 6.

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