Apex Legends 1.71 Patch Notes

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Respawn Entertainment rolled out a small update to Apex Legends to fix an issue with Arenas, one with the Switch version of the game, and also added a free badge for all Apex Legends players.

1.71 Patch Notes

Apex Legends 1.71 released on June 3, 2021, and contained only three changes to the game:


Arena lever penalties were initially added into Apex Legends on May 24, 2021, and were removed fairly quickly due to issues with the system.

Now they are back, warning players who are attempting to leave an Arena match with a full squad and dealing out penalties similar to those a player would receive for leaving a Ranked match if the player still backs out of a game.

The original May 24 update described the exact functionality:

Penalties for abandoning games have been added to Arenas. This is similar to the abandon penalty applied in Ranked BR games. You only get the penalty if you were in a full squad when you left (this doesn’t apply if you were partied with the leaver—you’ll still get penalized in that case). This update will activate a warning for players who are about to leave a game in-progress. The associated penalties will follow shortly after.

As for the voice chat issues on Switch, there were cases where the feature did not work at all for some Switch players, while other players were experiencing intermittent issues.


With Apex Legends 1.71, these issues should be in the past, allowing Switch players to fully enjoy the game.

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Apex Legends Pride Badge

In celebration of Pride Month, Respawn Entertainment also added a free Pride badge for all Apex Legends players.

All players need to do to redeem the badge it log into the game.

The Pride badge follows suit with other social issue awareness badges such as Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian hate.


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