NickMercs Reveals His Top Five Weapons In Apex Legends

According to NickMercs, he has a preferred loadout in Apex Legends. It was made clear that this is not a comprehensive inventory. This means that players cannot hold all the weapons at once, instead, they should pick them up if they see them.

The way NickMercs puts it:

"Obviously you can't pick up all five guns but these are five viable options that I rely on that I love. When I see them on the ground I'm like 'oh man I gotta put this in the inventory.'"

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When the Wingman is equipped with the Boosted Loader Hop-Up, reloading times are shortened slightly in case the mag nears empty, and 2 rounds are added to it when reloaded.

To Quote NickMercs:

"Does about 45 a shot, closer to like 80 to the head... It's got some decent range on it. In close range you can kind of get away with it--It's kinda like a mini shotgun."

R-301 Carbine

The R-301 Carbine is an assault rifle that uses light rounds as ammunition.

To Quote NickMercs:

"Kind of like the M4 in Warzone. It's good anywhere, it's good all the time, it's good every time. You can put any kind of sight you want in the thing and have it be viable--you don't even need a crazy mag. Does a great amount of damage, a crazy fast rate of fire; a very, very, very, good gun to pair with a shotgun or even a sniper."

EVA 8 Auto

This shotgun utilizes shotgun shells and is fully automatic. The gun shoots nine pellets shaped like the number 8.

To Quote NickMercs:

"The best shotgun in the game by far in my opinion… Great close range."

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Prowler Burst PDW

PDW (also known as Prowler SMG or Prowler Burst) uses heavy rounds to fire the Prowler Burst. The round is fired in bursts of five rounds.

To Quote NickMercs:

"Five-round burst close range submachine gun... It needs no introduction."

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G7 Scout

G7 Scouts are semi-automatic marksman rifles that utilize Light Round ammunition.

To Quote NickMercs:

"Incredible to get tags with, you put a 4-8 sight on that and you're just bah bah bah bah, the whole game. I like having that, It's good damage, it helps me push teams out of positions, and helps me control the area that we're at. I really like the scout but even more for a positional tool."

I won't lie; this makes a lot of sense. These are some of the most versatile weapons in the game. Added to that, anyone can learn these and be successful with them. This list is great!

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