NickMercs Explains Why He Feels Apex Legends Is Better Than Warzone

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Many streamers are leaving Call of Duty: Warzone in favor of Apex Legends. In a video he posted recently, NickMercs, one of the more popular streamers who left Warzone, explained why he went to Apex Legends. He also discussed why so many other streamers are most likely leaving as well.

NickMercs said it had nothing to do with which game is better in his heart-to-heart with his audience. While Apex Legends is a new game, it offers many things that Warzone doesn't. Apex Legends brings a lot to the table, as NickMercs points out in the video below.

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Why NickMercs left Warzone for Apex Legends

As many of his fans wondered when he left Warzone for Apex Legends, NickMercs was serious about answering their questions. What made him leave?

NickMercs gives very easy-to-understand reasoning. To quote him:

"A lot of people want to try Apex but they just can't quite jump the ship from Call of Duty… It's not that anything over at Apex is new and crazy, I mean it IS fresh. I think the biggest comparison you can make is when you're playing Warzone, you're going for high kills. But there's no ranked matches, there's no arena, there's nothing to grind for, there's nothing to play for. You can play the wagers and tournaments but its infested with cheaters and losers and then hackers ruin all that either way."

It's pretty sound reasoning, Apex Legends just offers more than Warzone.

NickMercs is so easy to watch partly because his attitude doesn't match his face or body. Whenever I see him, he looks like a gym rat jock who is probably mean to the heavy and stringy people. However, he can be intense when he talks or plays, but NickMercs is the nicest guy, and you can't help but feel better when he does heart-to-heart talks like this. His personality is like a mix between TimTheTatman and CourageJD, which is one of the reasons he is so entertaining to watch.

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