Apex Legends' Apex Packs May Be A Form Of Gambling; Streamers Weigh In On Debate

There has been some discussion about Apex Legends Apex Packs from TimTheTatman, NickMercs, and even DrDisrespect. EA is back with a new concept called Apex Packs, Loot Boxes with a different name. The idea is altered somehow when the skin is changed, or the game is changed.

Still, many streamers spend a lot of money to buy a lot of packs. Streaming allows them to reach a much larger audience, and they gain a great deal more fans. Something is interesting about it, but it might not be very moral.

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The Apex Packs can be purchased for $1 each and work exactly as Loot Boxes do. Yes, the dreaded concept is here with a new name. Honestly, they didn't even attempt to hide it, and it looks exactly like a loot box opening.

The problem with these things is they are basically gambling. Pay a monetary fee to receive something worthwhile, hopefully. This used to be a big deal on Twitch, but it doesn't get anywhere near the same kind of attention nowadays.

Streamers like TimTheTatman have pointed out how popular it is and how similar it is to the previous controversy. According to him:

"I just looked--I just randomly wanted to look at our viewership. We have 117,000 viewers here. I just want you guys to know, you're all gambling addicts--I currently opening 500 packs in Apex have more viewers than the entire Warzone category."

DrDisrespect has criticized the process. According to DrDisrespect:

"Is that content? Sitting here opening packs? Me reacting to three little boxes and looking for a particular object?"

That's a great point to make, and honestly, it's the same thing. It's not obvious gambling, which confuses and fools many.

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