NICKMERCS: "I Have No Desire Whatsoever To Play Warzone"

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Plenty of Warzone content creators have been taking a break from Call of Duty's battle royale and making the switch to Apex Legends, with many seeing rises in viewership.

Apex Legends Season 10 is finally here and with that came a bunch of new content which can be found in the latest patch notes. The newest legend, Seer has been a particular point of interest with many new players unlocking him as soon as possible.


It seems that Apex Legends is so fun that Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff, one of the biggest Warzone streamers has decided to officially announce his leave from his main title, though not indefinitely.

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NICKMERCS Announces Leaving Warzone For Apex Legends

Although many viewers had already guessed that NICKMERCS would be leaving Warzone behind for Apex Legends, he hadn't actually commented on the subject. Well, the now number one Apex streamer has released a video commenting on his stance in regards to Warzone and making the decision to put it aside for now.


During this video, NICKMERCS states early on that he has absolutely, "no desire whatsoever to play Warzone" anymore. He then goes on to say that he would rather play Pokemon which is absolutely hilarious, although, I love Pokemon but respect his viewpoint.

One of the most important things he said was, "I gotta do what is best for me, I have to have fun doing what I am doing," something that all viewers should bear in mind and support. He then announced that he is, "dipping from Call of Duty: Warzone." He continues, "Now, not permanently, I might be back on in a couple weeks, or go check it out but you know Call of Duty is in a really really bad spot, there is no sign of light at the end of this tunnel."

Screenshot from NICKMERCS stream once winning his game.

Although this may be sad news for some loyal fans that also love Warzone, the most important thing is to remember that NICKMERCS is human and deserves to pursue whatever it is he wishes to and if that's Apex Legends, so be it.


The plus side is that many, many Warzone streamers have also been making the switch to Apex and it has seen a huge rise in viewership, rising to the third most-viewed game on Twitch this week. It's great to see Apex Legends finally getting the recognition it deserves and hopefully Respawn continues to provide ample content and keep us all wanting more.

That's about all you need to know regarding NICKMERCS' departure from Warzone, remember this doesn't mean this will be the end of his Call of Duty journey, no doubt NICKMERCS will pick up the new COD once released.

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