NICKMERCS Gains Over 30k Viewers By Dropping Warzone

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Apex Legends Season 10 is finally here, so if you want to find out everything that has changed then check out the patch notes for all the latest information. The newest season has been highly anticipated, so much so that it seems we may have some new faces in the content creation community. I say new faces, really I mean new faces to Apex Legends, as some major Call of Duty: Warzone streamers have made the jump to Respawn's battle royale.

We previously covered NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman's switch to Apex Legends but few people expected the change to be quite so successful. So far it seems Gondolas and TimTheTatman aren't a good match, however. Enough about that, lets find out more about the statistics as a result of these player's switch.


Top Streamers Gain Popularity From Apex Legends

It looks like some of the most popular Warzone streamers and biggest Twitch streamers in general are looking for something new and that happens to be Apex Legends.


Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff has made a name for himself through streaming on Twitch and has become one of the top streamers playing Warzone. Over the past weeks, maybe even months many Warzone streamers have seemed quite tired and bored of the Activision title.


CouRage encouraged NICKMERCS and some others to give Apex Legends a go and the rest is history. Check out the tweet below to get an idea of just how much the streamer is enjoying his new endeavour.

From the July 27 until now, NICKMERCS has been streaming Apex Legends, from the August 2, the day of Season 10's launch, he has seen his followers and viewership rocket up. August 3 by streaming solely Apex Legends, he managed to peak at just under 80 thousand viewers, which is the highest viewership he has had since May, not only that but his average viewers count is up too meaning that he has actually gathered more consistent followers.

NICKMERCS is now the number one Apex Legends streamer in regards to hours watched, taking ImperialHal's spot with less than half the amount of Apex stream time than Hal.



TimTheTatman has also had a fairly smooth transition. For many streamers who are heavily focused on one title, there's usually a fear of crashing and burning if you begin to focus on another game. Both NICKMERCS and Tim seem to have kept their viewership, if not grown it when changing to Apex Legends from Warzone.

Tim's stats aren't as shocking as his teammates but from the August 2 until 3 he has seen a pretty huge jump in followers aswell as roughly a 10k rise in viewers too! His stream on August 3 reached 66k viewers making it one of his highest viewed streams since June.



It seems that xQc decided to join in on the fun and made his way to Apex Legends on August 1st, just a day before the newest season was released. He gained a lot of attention after xQc got an Heirloom within a day of playing the game, an item that is not easy to get a hold of, with a 1 in 500 chance of getting it.

Though the impact on his stats may not seem as drastic as the above, he has done fairly well for himself, with a huge jump in followers on August 5.


It's great to see the Apex Legends community growing and no doubt as these popular streamers continue to play we'll see Respawn's get more of the recognition it deserves! If you're new to the game yourself and wondering who to play check out our Apex Legends character tier list. Unsure on weapons? Take a look at our gun tier list.