“I hate this game… it’s so boring!” DrDisrespect Backtracks On His Original Apex Legends Outburst

During playing Apex Legends, DrDisrespect became viral due to an outburst against the game. Below is a clip that shows DrDisrespect rebuking the game. He has since done a complete 180 and clarified to Dexerto that he actually enjoys the game.

As a gamer, I've also had love-hate relationships with games and have frequently claimed to hate games I genuinely like. With a clear head, Doc said that he didn't mean what he said.

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DrDisrespect says he hates Apex Legends

Apex Legends got a few choice words from The Two-Time, DrDisrespect, after his death. In an angry and loud rant, he ripped the game apart:

"... Having to sit there and f***ing watch them heal and go to the next f***ing guy! It's why I don't like this game, I hate this game. It's boring. Shooting shields, I don't like it… That's why no one wants to watch this game competitively--nobody wants to… That's why it didn't do good in Esports!"

Despite what Apex Legends fans would like to hear, DrDisrespect is well known for not having such a positive attitude towards the game. It has been uninstalled, and he has taken long breaks from it before, but he keeps coming back to it.

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DrDisrespect says he loves Apex Legends

DrDisrespect clarified things with Dexerto. He doesn't enjoy games if they aren't yelling about them and bashing them. The Two-Time says:

"I spoke my mind in the heat of the moment… At the time, I was in the heat of the moment in that Apex Legends game, yeah. As you people know, everyone that is actually inside the Arena knows, I'm enjoying myself with Apex Legends. I'm having a good time."

I have watched DrDisrespect for some time, and it is true, he doesn't even play a game he doesn't like. Everyone who cares enough about their game shouts about it, so I can see how this theory could be true. Further quoting him:

"If I'm not screaming, I don't like it… If I'm there, not yelling about your game, not tweeting it out, then yeah, I don't much like that game."

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