Apex Legends Leaked Skins For Season 10: Phasewalker, Marble Goddess, War Machine, Outland Warrior and More Returning

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Apex Legends Season 10 has brought a number of new cosmetics, including some interesting skins within the Battle Pass. Aside from gameplay, one of the intriguing features of Apex is the sheer intricacy of the cosmetics.

Remember that we make sure to update the Apex Legends patch notes as often as possible so if you want to stay up to date, check that out.


On the subject of skins, if you're curious why cosmetics cost so much, there's a reason.

It looks like some fan favourite skins will be making a return this season and I want to get my hands on them right now. Let's see if you're as desperate for them as I, below we'll list all of the OG skins coming back to Apex Legends in Season 10.

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Apex Legends Leaked Skins: OG Skins Return in Season 10

Below you can find a number of the skins to make a return, thanks to GarretLeaks we were able to obtain this information so be sure to check them out!


This skin is one that players have been desperate to get their hands on since Season 7, the Phasewalker will be returning in a bundle on August 17 so those who have waited won't have to for much longer.

Players will be able to buy this bundle from the item shop along with another item in the bundle which is currently unknown.

Phasewalker Wraith skin, gold background, blue, gold and grey details on the skin with a red/orange helmet visor.

Marble Goddess

The Marble Goddess Wraith skin is probably one of the most beautiful and intricate skins to date, in my opinion. I expect every Wraith main and even those that play her every so often will be nabbing this skin when possible. The Marble Goddess will be in store, within a bundle on August 31, better mark it down on your calendar.

Marble Goddess Wraith skin, looks like a statue with marble skin and gold detailing, looks to be wearing a romanesque outfit.

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War Machine

War Machine was originally released in Season 2 and it's definitely a favourite among Pathfinder players. The Burgundy Knight was released in Season 8, though this was a recolour of the original, although still gorgeous, some prefer the simplicity of the white on War Machine. This skin will release in a bundle with another unknown item on September 7.

War Machine Pathfinder skin, white in colour with silver detailing and a sun within Pathfinder's screen.

Outland Warrior

The Outland Warrior was released all the way back in Season 2, making it one of the oldest skins on this list. Just like the War Machine, the Outland Warrior had a recolour released named Crimson Queen. This Bangalore skin will be returning to the store in a bundle on the same day as Marble Goddess, August 31.

Outland Warrior Bangalore skin, gold detailing, bone necklace, gold face paint, some kind of fur on the shoulders, quite tribal themed.

Unknown Bundles

Below are a few bundles that will be making their way to the store, although, we don't actually know anything about these bundles or what they contain so feel free to speculate yourself! Also included are the dates these bundles will appear in the store.

  • Colour Rush Bundle: September 14
  • Boarding Party Bundle: September 14
  • Heating Up Bundle: September 7

Bangalore Edition

The Bangalore Edition bundle will be arriving on October 17, it includes the below Bangalore skin, a G7 skin, badge and a gun charm.

Superhero inspired Bangalore skin, red, black and gold suit with some silver detailing, as well as a mask.

Seer Twitch Prime Skin

Seer is already getting some love with the upcoming Twitch Prime skin and players seem to be big fans of it with many actually preferring this over legendary skins! This skin will release today, at the time of writing August 6.

Seer Twitch Prime skin, checkerboard pattern on trousers and gloves, white and black colour scheme.

That's everything we have so far on some of the most liked skins returning to Apex Legends this season, be sure to bookmark this piece and check back as we'll be updating as more information is released!

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