Tfue Is Back To Discuss The Biggest Difference Between Apex Legends And Warzone

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With the Apex Legends vs. Call of Duty: Warzone debate, it seems like many streamers are throwing their hat in the ring. The discussion has been incredibly one-sided, with Apex Legends earning everyone's praise. Because of its massive amount of cheaters and bugs, Warzone is losing a lot of support.

Following a week off, TFue returns to explain which game he thinks is better between Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone. Apex Legends has been the de facto winner in many Streamers' eyes for some time, so it's not hard to guess which is his favorite to stream. However, he makes some excellent points about why Warzone might not even last that long.


Warzone Is Dying, Tfue explains

Tfue, a popular streamer, has found great success with Warzone. Following ventures into Minecraft and GTA RP, he began playing the game full-time in April, but that doesn't mean he is entirely positive about the battle royale.

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Activision doesn't seem to care as much about Warzone as it does about the main Call of Duty games, said Tfue. According to him, it will be "too late" once the problems with the game have been resolved. Tfue shared his thoughts on the state of streaming after taking a seven-day break due to illness:

"Call of Duty is just dogsh*t. It's a f**king PC controller game, the company doesn't give a f**k, they probably care more about multiplayer than f**king Warzone even though Warzone is carrying this dead-ass game Call of Duty since it came out, yet they still don't give a f**k… Why is it that every single battle royale game like this, how come they wait until it's too late to fix sh*t."

According to him, Apex Legends' success is due to constant improvements. Patches seem to be a staple in online games such as Apex Legends, Warzone, and Fortnite. Due to the lack of an anti-cheat system in Warzone, it is losing popularity among streamers everywhere.


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