TimTheTatman And NickMercs' Friendship Is Tested In Apex Legends

Like many battle royales, Apex Legends is a game where you need to work in a team. Usually, this isn’t a problem for NickMercs, Cloakzy, and TimTheTatman, as they’ve played games together before. What makes this an issue is that they’re not the best players, so they keep trying to blame each other for their losses--and they lose a lot.

What starts as friendly jabbing and rattling chains end up being legitimate arguments. At some points, it’s a literally screaming match with the blame being thrown left and right. Still, it’s funny to be on the outside looking in and seeing that they just weren’t in sync most of the time.

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Nick Mercs, TimTheTatman, and Cloakzy all learned that you cannot play a team game as individuals. They were massacred while getting used to the squad-based tactics that Apex Legends forces players into. What makes this even more relatable is that they were constantly trying to pin the blame on each other.

They just weren’t in sync, and that’s understandable for people who are very used to Warzone. Warzone doesn’t really focus on teams, kind of like Fortnite; you’re a shooter against other shooters. Apex Legends is built around using each other’s strengths and powers in sync against other teams.

I think TimTheTatman puts it into perspective the best:

“You cannot Warzone this, okay? You can’t do it... Those lobbies are diamond lobbies, those people are Apex Predators. We have been playing for six days, these guys haven’t touched grass for seven seasons. We CANNOT, I don’t care how good you are, you can’t 1 v 3 these guys.”

Eventually, they’ll get it right, but it’s nice to know that even the pros play like the rest of us do.

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