“I wish I didn’t like the game” TimTheTatman Wants To Leave Warzone

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TimTheTatman is getting closer and closer to leaving Warzone for good. Tim seems to be the most popular streamer who rides the fence. Although he loves Warzone, he has nothing good to say about it, which causes him to rage quit frequently.

According to TimTheTatman, his Apex Legends videos do well when he uploads them. Tim's Apex Legends videos continue to gain traction to this day, but he still can't stop streaming Warzone. Although he acknowledges Warzone's flaws, he finds it difficult to hate it.


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TimTheTatman wants to quit Warzone but can't bring himself to do it

There are many wondering if TimTheTatman is going to quit Warzone anytime soon. From what can be gathered from his videos, he's come across the worst that Warzone had to offer. If this video posted on August 5th is to be believed, he has already been thinking of leaving.


TimTheTatman acknowledged that Warzone still had his love, despite all the flaws and hackers. In his own words:

"I hate that I love this game. I wish I didn't like the game cause that would make me be able to step away a lot easier… "

He realized that the hacker he had been watching had a 105 K/D ratio. After angrily yelling at the hacker, he called NickMercs to discuss Warzone. As TimTheTatman recounted the events that led to this conversation, he shared his thoughts. His anger can be summed up in the following quote:

"I'm not mad at him, I'm mad at Call of Duty... I'm mad at Call of Duty for allowing him to make a 105 K/D Ratio… "

NickMercs was a strong advocate of Apex Legends during their conversation. Even though Apex Legends had cheaters, NickMercs told TimTheTatman they did more to stop them. As quoted from their conversation:



NickMercs: There are cheaters… Bottom line, Apex does a better job taking care of them. Like they have people that sit in streams and ban them.
TimTheTatman: Really?
NickMercs: Yeah a few people.



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As far as I can tell, that part may be accurate; however, I cannot verify it. Apex Legends does a great job at getting rid of its hackers, but there will always be people who wish to ruin the fun for everyone else. As long as they're trying, that's all that matters.

Streamers are frustrated because it appears Warzone is not trying to prevent hackers. The measures they have in place aren't effective, and Activision knows that. Since TimTheTatman made these comments, he appears to have gotten angry with hackers in every Warzone video. It'll be interesting to see if Tim eventually gives up on this game, but he's growing more furious with all the hackers from his recent videos.

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