Grounded - How to get the oven and Broodmother BLT

Grounded: How to Get the Oven and Broodmother BLT

Grounded: How to Get the Oven and Broodmother BLT
October 18, 2022: We have updated this to include all the latest information

If you're struggling with the game, here's how to unlock the oven and craft the Broodmother BLT in Grounded. Being the only way to summon the Broodmother in regular play, this is a great item that helps you progress the game. Unfortunately, it's not always obvious what to do so we're here to help.

Coming with the Doom and Shroom update, this will go over how to use the oven, the recipe needed to make a Broodmother BLT, and a few other things you should know before you make your way to the Broodmother. If you know what you're doing, you can get through this pretty easily.

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How to get the Oven in Grounded Shroom and Doom update

To unlock and craft the oven in Grounded’s Shroom and Doom update, players will first need to unlock the crafting recipe. You can buy it as part of the Advanced Production Buildings upgrade from BURG.L for 4000 Science, though you’ll need to head to the Haze Lab in the South-West corner of the map to find the special Chip that unlocks this as a purchase option first.

Crafting the Oven

Once you have the recipe, you can craft the Oven from your menu with the following materials:

  • Clay (10)
  • Charcoal Chunk (1)
  • Boiling Gland (4)

Once you’ve crafted it, place it somewhere safe (ideally within your own base) and interact with it to use it.

Crafting With the Oven

There are two special items you can make in Grounded’s Oven: the Mushroom Brick and the Broodmother BLT. The Mushroom Brick can be crafted in the Oven with just 5 “pieces” of Mushroom Slurry, used to create walls and structures for your base.

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How to get the Broodmother BLT

The other item you can make in the Oven is the Broodmother BLT. You can craft it with these materials:

  • Thistle Needle (1)
  • Ladybug Part (2)
  • Bombardier Part (2)

The Thistle Needle can be acquired from the Thistle plant. They have spiky leaves on it and a purple flower at the very top. You can use them to make arrows and things like this but can be saved for the BLT.

Bombardier Parts can be harvested from Bombardier Beetles and can be used to make the Insect Axe or Jerky Rack.

The Ladybug Parts are earned from killing Ladybugs. They are very common and can be used in tonnes of different recipes.

Once you have this, you can use it to summon the Hedge Broodmother for a boss fight. If you're looking for more information on the game, here's how to get a powerful new axe. There are plenty of enemies to use it on.

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