Grounded: How to Get Berry Leather

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Berry Leather is an important crafting material and resource in Grounded, used to create armour and a range of other items and tools. We’ll show you how to find berry leather in our guide here, as well as the berries it comes from and the best uses to put it to.

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How to Get Berry Leather in Grounded

You can get Berry Leather in Grounded by finding the blue berries in the Southeast corner of the map. Head in that direction until you see the berry trees; but you’ll need to be careful. This is a dangerous area with Orb Weaver spiders, so bring weapons and a Lean-To to set your spawn closer to the tree itself. We’ll go into the precise details of where to go and how to get the berries momentarily.

Berries and Berry Tree Locations

There are currently two berry trees found in Grounded where you can get berries. We’ve marked their location on the map below, so use that as a reference to find them.


Once you get there, play stealthily to avoid the spiders and other bugs along the way, and use whatever weapons you have only if directly confronted. Make note of all world geometry you could use for an escape - rocks, caves, high branches, etc - in the event something bigger than you gets aggressive.


How to Get Berries from Trees

Once close to the Berry Tree, put down a Lean-To to set a close spawn, and make sure you have any kind of axe and bow ready. From there, proceed to the tree itself - the berries are held up with stems, and while you can chop through them with an axe if you climb the tree, you can shoot them down by aiming at the stems. You can even get back any arrows if you miss, so fire from a safe point.

How to Get Berry Chunks

Once the berries have fallen, head to them and chop at them with an axe to get them to break into Berry Chunks, which can go in your inventory. You’ll want to get quite a few Berry Chunks here; we recommend leaving with 15 at least, and ideally more.

How to Unlock the Berry Leather Recipe

Once you have the Chunks, head to any lab and analyse them to unlock the Berry Leather recipe. Each piece of Leather simply requires 3 Berry Chunks and nothing more, so 15 Chunks will get you five pieces of Leather to use.

Berry Leather Uses

Berry Leather is used for multiple mid-to-high-tier items, including Spider Armor, Ladybug Armor, the Insect Hammer and Super Armor Glue. You’ll likely need more later in the game, so keep this info handy.

Of course, an Axe being vital for this job means you’ll need the best axe possible. Check out how to get the Level 2 Insect Axe and upgrade it here.