Grounded: Best Base Locations

Building a base is an essential step in progressing in Grounded, a safe home in which you can craft, build and restore your supplies, or just defend yourself more effectively from waves of evil spiders. But where to set it up? We’ll show you the best base locations and where to find them here.

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Best Base Locations in Grounded

There’s a few locations in Grounded that make for the “best” place to build a base, as players will have to balance a few important qualities to ensure the greatest base possible. When choosing where to build, you should consider the following elements, usually in this order:

  • Ease of access to food and water
  • Availability of crafting resources and materials
  • Distance from enemies and danger zones
  • Closeness to places and areas of importance
  • Landscape flatness (for ease of building)

There aren’t many places that wholly satisfy all of these conditions, but that doesn’t change the fact that some are far superior to others. It’s also true that you’ll probably be well-suited to build more than one base along the way - a central one, and outposts you can use to refill and rest at when making longer journeys, assuming you’re going to certain areas regularly.

Where to Build a Base

We’ve outlined three locations on the map below that we would recommend as places to consider when building a base. Obviously this may change as new updates alter items, enemies and the map itself, but at time of writing these are our three top picks.

Best base building locations marked on map in Grounded
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  1. This area works for defence and as a nice central hub to work from. The fence logs, though hard to reach, can work as a great raised point for a base if you can get up there, and there’s a lot of useful places nearby. The only downside is that getting materials up there is a nightmare, so the building process might take you a while.
  2. The starting zone near the Mysterious Device is pretty good, as it’s low-threat, has an abundance of basic resources, a juice box for water supplies and is pretty central in the map. It’s not hugely close to anything plot-essential, but it’s also not really far away either, so it can function as a decent crossroads to work from.
  3. At the West end of the Hedge area at ground level has some real potential. Berries are plentiful, there’s a juice box above you, and it’s surprisingly safe, as long as you don’t go near the East end, which is dripping with spiders. That being said, it is a big trek to get to anywhere else, so this might be more of an “outpost” location.

Of course, if you’re exploring around near the hedge, you should check out our guide on how to reach the bird bath bluffs, or check out how to reach the hidden Toad Swamp location!

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