Grounded: How to Reach Bird Bath Bluffs Marker Location

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BURG.L, your main quest-giver in Grounded, will likely at some point ask you to find the marker at Bird Bath Bluffs, an optional quest that will help unlock Science and other bonuses. But though you can see the Bird Bath easily once you’re in the area, getting to the top is another matter. We’ll show you how to reach Bird Bath Bluffs’ marker location in Grounded here, accommodating for all the most recent updates in 2021.

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How to Reach Bird Bath Bluffs Marker Location in Grounded

To reach the Bird Bath Bluffs marker location in Grounded, players will actually have to take a roundabout route through the Hedge on the opposite side. We’ve laid out the basics on how to get there here, and what you’ll need along the way.


How to Get to the Bird Bath

The Bird Bath itself is in the Southeast corner of the map, and though it’s very hard to miss in that area - a massive stone structure next to the hedge - there’s no obvious way to reach the top. The sides cannot be climbed, so players will actually need to take a path through the maze-like branches of the hedge behind it, climbing up and around through the foliage.

We’ve laid out a path for that below, but be warned - you’ll need a Dandelion Tuft for this method, which allows you to glide. There’s also a lot of Spiders here, so you’d better be prepared for combat. We’ve put a step-by-step path beneath this, as well as a rough idea of the route you’ll be taking on the map.

Grounded Bird Bath Bluffs location map and route
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How to Get to the Bird Bath Through the Hedge

  • Head to the left edge of the hedge behind the Bird Bath, near the electric socket, and look for the green paper clip leaning against a twig.
  • Climb up that and follow the branches to the little Field Station.
  • Go further up and East towards the Apricop Punch-O Juice Box.
  • Go round to the straw-end of the Juice Box and use the Zipline there.
  • Take the immediate left branch, a smaller, snaking one, and follow it until there’s a little twig that points to the left of that. Beware, there’s Spiders all around here.
  • Walk as far along that twig as you can, then use the Dandelion Tuft to glide over to the branch North of you (you’ll likely land on a leaf first, but that’s fine).
  • Follow the branch out until the open garden, all the way to the Bird Bath.

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