Grounded: Toad Swamp Location

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Toad Swamp is a hidden location in Grounded, though BURG.L might ask you to head there to find a Marker as part of a quest. Since this isn’t easy to find, we’ve put together this guide on Toad Swamp’s location and how to find it, as well as what treasures and dangers you might encounter along the way.

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Toad Swamp Location in Grounded

To find Toad Swamp’s Location in Grounded, players need to head to the area Southeast of the Mysterious Machine, and East of Wooden Plank Cave. There you’ll find a marshy, swampy area with deep water and lots of grass. It’s a difficult area to navigate by sight alone, as everywhere looks the same as everywhere else and the grass is too high to see further landmarks in great detail. Use your map to find the exact point marked below, where you’ll find the landmark that lends its name to the area: a statue of one of the Battletoads, Rash. It’s surrounded by a circle of grass that makes it hard to see unless you approach it from the North. Once you reach this, you’ll have completed the quest to find Toad Swamp’s marker.

Grounded toad swamp map location
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Toad Swamp Dangers

Toad Swamp is a dangerous area, as well as the areas around it. There’s numerous spiders and aggressive insects, and the flat terrain makes it difficult to get safe above them. Play slowly, stealthy, and bring whatever weapons and armour you have, especially if you’re playing alone. If you see bugs ahead, let them move on and give them a wide berth.

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