Grounded: How to Upgrade to the Level 2 Axe

Your axe is one of the most essential tools in Grounded, for combat and construction alike, but without upgrades there’s a limit to what it’s capable of. We’ll show you how to upgrade to the level 2 axe here, what you need to make it, and what you can use it for when you’re exploring the garden.

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How to Upgrade to the Level 2 Axe in Grounded

To upgrade to the level 2 axe in Grounded, players will need to get the level 1 axe or Pebblet Axe first. Once you have one, you can upgrade it to the level 2 axe, or Insect Axe, which does more damage and can be used more widely as a tool.

Level 2 Insect Axe Crafting Materials and Components

To upgrade the axe to level 2, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Ladybug Head (1)
  • Spider Silk (4)
  • Bombardier Parts (3)

Some of these are very hard to get, but we’ll walk you through them individually.

How to Get a Ladybug Head

The Ladybug Head is arguably the most important piece, as you’ll not only need it to craft the axe, but have to put it through the analyser to get the recipe for the Insect Axe to appear.

You can get a Ladybug Head by killing one of the big ladybugs that roam around the map. They’re found pretty easily and will leave you alone if you keep your distance, but obviously that’s not an option in a fight. They’re powerful enemies, so the best thing you can do is find a high point or element of the landscape that you can hit them from, but they can’t get you. Try looking for a rock or twig to stand on and jabbing at them with a spear.

The chance of a Ladybug Head actually dropping isn’t guaranteed, unfortunately. You might need to kill a few before you get the item you want.

How to Get Spider Silk

Spider Silk does not require you to kill spiders, but it is found in areas where they often patrol, in webs strung clearly across cave entrances or between grass stems. If you’re stealthy, you can approach the web and hit it with your fist to get Spider Silk added to your inventory. Then get out of there before the spiders get you!

Grounded level 2 axe
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How to Get Bombardier Parts

The final stage requires you to kill Bombardier beetles. These are long, green-shelled bugs that shoot acid; rarer than Ladybugs and more dangerous. Again, try and use the environment to your advantage, and go looking East of the Mysterious Machine for the best chance to find them.

Now you’ve got all these, you should have everything you need for the level 2 Insect Axe!

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