Grounded: Crow Feather Locations

Grounded: Crow Feather Locations

Grounded: Crow Feather Locations

This is everything you need to know if you're looking into how to find the Crow Feather locations in Grounded. As they give an important resource, they're something worth paying attention to as early as you can.

As well as going over the locations you can find these Crow Feathers in, we go over what you should know about them, what they're used for and why they are so valuable.

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Crow Feather Locations in Grounded

Crow Feather locations in Grounded are semi-random. While they reliably appear in certain locations, they aren’t always there. The Crow itself is a non-hostile (but very large) creature that spawns and flies to certain locations at random times. It drops feathers beneath where it’s perching, or along its flight path. There’s no way at time of writing to force it to land anywhere in particular, or to make it drop feathers at exact times or places. Players will simply have to watch the Crow when it appears and look for falling Feathers in its path.

Crow Feather Locations

Crow Feathers are often found at these locations. If you’ve seen the Crow overhead but haven't noticed any Feathers beneath where it lands, check these areas for the best chance.

  • Around the Laser Tripods that point at the Mysterious Machine.
  • North-West of the Rake and South-West of Jabby Cola.
  • At the South end of the Rake in the South-West corner of the map.
  • On the South bank of the Koi Pond, around the flower pot.
Grounded Crow Feather map and where to find them
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How to Farm Crow Feathers

Once you find a Crow Feather, you’ll need to strike it with an Axe of Level 2 or higher. This’ll break it into Crow Feather Pieces which can be added to your inventory and used for crafting. Make sure you have the Axe, otherwise there’s nothing you can do with the dropped Feathers.

Crow Feather Crafting Uses

Crow Feather Pieces should be scanned to unlock crafting recipes for the Marksman’s Cap, Feather Arrow or Crow Crossbow. They can also be used to build or craft the following items or base additions:

  • Crow Crossbow (Ranged weapon)
  • Feather Arrow (Weapon ammo)
  • Feather Flat Roof (Base structure)
  • Feather Flat Triangle Roof (Base structure)
  • Feather Peaked Dome Roof (Base structure)
  • Feather Peaked Roof (Base structure)
  • Feather Roof (Base structure)
  • Feather Roof Corner (Base structure)
  • Feather Roof Interior Corner (Base structure)
  • Feather Roof Squared Corner (Base structure)
  • Grinder (Base tool)
  • Marksman’s Cap (Head Gear/Armour)
  • Pet House (Base tool)
  • Simple Bed (Base tool)

Is the Crow Dangerous?

No, thankfully not. As mentioned previously, despite the Crow’s huge size, it does not seem to have any aggression towards players at time of writing - presumably because you’re so small in comparison as to be no bother to it. It takes no damage from weapons and does not react to anything the player does.

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