Grounded: How to Find Spade Gulch

Spade Gulch is a useful location in Grounded, full of special plants and items that are worth hunting down early on. However, with no clear route to find it, or even where to look, it’s not the easiest place to discover. We’ll show you how to find Spade Gulch’s location in our guide below, as well as how to get there and what you might find along the way.

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How to Find Spade Gulch in Grounded

To find Spade Gulch in Grounded, players will need to head East-by-Northeast from the Mysterious Device to the area marked on the map below. It’s clear when you get close to it as you’ll be able to see the spade itself sticking out of the ground. However, the spade isn’t the gulch itself - head to the base where it meets the ground, and there’ll be a chasm there that’s the actual Spade Gulch. If you’ve got a quest to build a marker, there’ll be a blue icon where you need to place it.

Spade Gulch location on map in Grounded
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How to Get to Spade Gulch

You can get to Spade Gulch by walking there as normal, though those venturing in that direction may want to bring weaponry and a certain amount of caution. While it’s not a spawning zone for them, Spiders or other dangerous creatures can venture to, and hang about, in the thick grass between the Mysterious Device and Spade Gulch. Don’t rush and keep checking the map to make sure you’re on track, at least until you can see the Spade above the skyline.

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