Grounded: Mutations Full List and How to Get Mutations

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Grounded gives players the chance to earn Mutations, special perks and abilities that enhance their power and what they’re capable of doing in the game, a vital asset for players looking to beat some of the hardest challenges. We’ll show you the full Mutations List in 2021 and how to get all the Mutations in our guide here.

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Mutations Full List in Grounded

There’s numerous Mutations to find in Grounded, the full list of which we’ve laid out below, including how to get them and what they do. However, some of them also have phases, starting week and growing in power as you complete certain tasks. We’ll show those phases too, and how to achieve them


All Mutations

Mutation Effect Phases Unlock/Phase Conditions
Ant-nihilatorIncreases damage to Ants. At Phase 3, decreases damage taken from Ants.3Kill 50/100/150 Ants.
AssassinIncreases damage dealt with Daggers.3Kill 50/100/200 creatures with Daggers.
BarbarianIncreases damage dealt with Clubs.3Kill 50/100/200 creatures with Clubs.
Buff LungsIncreases Stamina.1Buy from BURG.L for 5000 Science.
Cardio FanIncreases Stamina Regen speed.3Be exhausted 100/250/500 times.
ChopperIncreases damage dealt with Axes.3Kill 50/100/200 creatures with Axes.
Coup de GrassMakes every attack have a chance to land as a Critical Hit.1Find the Four-Leaf Clover landmark (see below).
DaredevilReduces fall damage.1Buy from BURG.L for 5000 Science.
Fresh DefenseDecreases damage taken from gas attacks from Stinkbugs, Bombadier beetles and the Haze.1Add a Mint Chunk to your inventory.
Grass MasterIncreases speed of chopping grass.3Chop down 50/200/500 Grass Blades.
JavelineerIncreases damage dealt with Spears.3Kill 50/100/200 creatures with Spears.
JuicyThirst and Hunger depletes slower.1Find all 5 Juice Boxes.
Lil' FistDamage with unarmed attacks is doubled.1Kill 50 creatures with unarmed attacks.
Meat ShieldMax health is increased by 20%.1Buy from BURG.L for 5000 Science.
MerteenIncreases swim speed and Oxygen by 10%.1Find 3 Underwater Landmarks.
MithridatismPlayer is immune to venom and poison.1Survive 5 poisonings with Venom.
Mom GenesSpawns Spiderlings that assist the player in combat.1Kill the Hedge Broodmother boss.
Natural ExplorerIncreases Sprint speed.3Find 5/20/50 Landmarks.
Reliable FriendIncreases Revival Speed.3Revive Friends 5/15/30 times.
Rock CrackerIncreases Rock Bust speed.3Bust 25/75/100 Rocks/Harvesting Nodes.
SharpshooterIncreases damage dealt with Bows.3Kill 50/100/200 creatures with Bows.
SmasherIncreases damage dealt with Hammers.3Kill 50/100/200 creatures with Hammers.

How to Equip Mutations

Any Mutations you’ve unlocked can be equipped in the Mutations Tab of the main menu. However, you can only ever have three equipped at once. This isn’t much of a problem when you don’t have many, however, when you unlock more, you should learn to swap between them to better suit whatever challenge you’re up against.

Koi Fish attacks player in Grounded
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Best Mutations

The best mutations will vary according to your situation and what phase of them you’ve unlocked. However, you want to prioritise those you’ll simply get the most use out of, or that are most drastic in terms of change. Mithridatism, Mom Genes, Coup de Grass (which you can find out how to get here), Natural Explorer, Cardio Fan and Juicy are all great for general exploration, so if you see the chance to get those, grab them! They might be what makes the difference.

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