Valorant Skye Agent Guide: Abilities, Tips And Tricks And How To Use Her

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Riot Games has revealed the newest Agent joining the Valorant roster.

The developers are allowing players to take control of Skye, an Australian with a collection of pesky animals that does her dirty work.

These abilities combine a mixed of damage, utility, and healing, making her a very versatile agent.


Skye is going to be Valorant’s 13th agent, due to release during Act III on October 27th.

Unlike Killjoy, who came out just days after the initial announcement, it looks like we will be waiting a while for Skye to enter the server.

Skye seems to be quite different than every other Agent in the game. Her mix of damage, utility, and healing means she is somewhat of a support and initiator, which is an exciting combination.

With all that said, let us take a look at her kit in depth.

Skye Abilities

Check out Skye in action below!



Wondering what Skye can do? Look no further.

  • Trailblazer (Q) - Summon a controllable Wolf that can concuss and damage enemies by pressing Fire when active.
  • Guiding Light (E) - Send a Hawk forward or around corners, with the ability to flash enemies it encounters by pressing E again.
  • Regrowth (C) - Heal allies in proximity, but does not heal Skye. Reusable until depleted.
  • Seekers (Ultimate Ability - X) - Send out a trio of seekers that find enemies and nearsight them.

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Skye Tips And Tricks

The next ability 'Trailblazer' unleashes a remote-controlled Wolf. She uses this ability to jump into the enemy and detonate an explosive dealing area of effect damage.

It's great to deal with pesky defenders using walls and other objects to hide.

Her first ability 'Guiding Light' is a controllable hawk. The ability seems to work like Pheonix’s firewall with the control. Only this time she can detonate, after guiding it, to blind enemies caught in its line of sight.


It's a great scouting tool and fantastic when breaching a site.

'Regrowth' seems to channel a huge healing circle for her teams, replenish her health bars.

A great ability after a big battle or potentially one to use during fights to ensure players never drop too low in health.

Her Ultimate 'Seekers' sends out multiple seekers that automatically seek out the nearest enemies. If they connect then those enemies become nearsighted.

It's great when looking to get the Spike down on a particular site that has many entry points.

For players that have come from League of Legends, she may seem like she inherits some of Janna’s abilities with a built-in Twin Shadows.

It is safe to say Skye is a blend of many things. Either way, Skye look like an interesting Agent that is going to make plays in so many different ways. We can’t wait to play her.