Valorant's New Agent Skye Revealed: All Abilities, Contract, Release Date and Trailer Ahead of Act 3

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Valorant's new Act 3 Agent, Skye, has been revealed.

The game's 13th Agent, Skye is an Australian eco-warrior with abilities focused on scouting ahead and healing - meaning you can finally give Sage a rest.


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Valorant: Skye Agent Revealed

Check out Skye's new trailer below!




Wondering what Skye can do? Look no further.

  • Trailblazer (Q) - Summon a controllable Wolf that can concuss and damage enemies by pressing Fire when active.
  • Guiding Light (E) - Send a Hawk forward or around corners, with the ability to flash enemies it encounters by pressing E again.
  • Regrowth (C) - Heal allies in proximity, but does not heal Skye. Reusable until depleted.
  • Seekers (Ultimate Ability - X) - Send out a trio of seekers that find enemies and nearsight them.

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Release Date:

While the new Act 3 content drops on October 13, players will need to wait a little while for Skye.

She launches on October 27, but you'll be able to play the new Icebox map up until then so it's not all bad.

Agent Contract:


We haven't gotten to see Skye's unlockable cosmetics yet, but we do know to expect the following:

  • Sprays (3)
  • Titles (2)
  • Gun Buddy
  • Player Card

Of course, you'll also unlock Skye herself.

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