Valorant Dev Speaks Out About Upcoming Flash Nerfs And Skye And Breach Buffs

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With Episode 3 on the horizon, a developer has clarified some changes to Skye and Breach, regarding their weapon equip speed being increased, despite losing a charge of their flash abilities.

Riot Games continue to value the gun skill of players over abilities and this new change is another step in the right direction.


The discussion was first brought to the public eye after content creator LotharHS posted a video describing the change and why he thinks Skye will be a strong Agent in Season 3.

Valorant Dev Speaks Out About Upcoming Flash Nerfs And Skye And Breach Buffs

Once posted to Reddit, the discussion began to increase and Gameplay Researcher, Coleman "Altombre" Palm, made some comments clarifying the changes.

"There are two main things - she equips out of her bent birds faster, and if she lets a bird fly straight she can pop the flash without taking her gun down. In either case, she’s better at capitalizing off of her flashes than she used to be." Altombre Says.

The initiator vs duelist discussion was brought up as to why Agents like Pheonix didn't receive this change and it is because these duelist agents have unique ways to deal with disengaging from a fight, better utility, and ways of self healing.


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This change should make balancing changes easier to manage across all competitive environments.

You can read the full Reddit discussion with Altombre here.

Episode 3 Act 1 will release with these changes, the new Agent KAY/O, and more on June 22nd.