Valorant Ep 3 Act 1 Battle Pass : Release Date, Price, New Cosmetics And Squad Boost Revealed

Valorant Episode 3, Act 1 is going live on June 22nd, 2021. Riot Games has officially confirmed that a new Agent is coming to the game, along with a brand new Battle Pass.

The developers recently revealed all the details about the upcoming Battle Pass for Episode 3. Fans can take note of all the free items they will get upon completing the challenges in-game.

At the same time, Riot Games teased a new feature in the upcoming Valorant Battle Pass known as Squad Boost.

Curious what all this means? Well, we got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Battle Pass in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1.

Release Date and Price

The current Battle Pass is scheduled to end on June 22nd, and that is when the next one comes out for Episode 3, Act 1.

As always, the price will be 1,000 Valorant Points. Players can purchase the Battle Pass through in-game microtransactions.

Players can expect that the Episode 3 Act 1 Battle Pass will have weapon skins, gun buddies, display cards, in-game sprays and unique titles.

Duration and Cosmetic Items

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 Battle Pass will start on 6/22/2021, and end on 8/24/2021. That means players will get around two months to grind and level up. They can unlock a bunch of unique Cosmetic items by ranking up their Battle Pass.
Riot Games also revealed some of the items which will feature in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 Battle Pass.

Here is a list of all the free items players will get:

  • Jigsaw Ghost
  • Greatly Increased? Spray
  • Greatly Decreased? Spray
  • The Key to Ancient Mysteries Buddy
  • Snowbirds Card

Here is a list of all the items that will be unlocked after purchasing the Battle Pass:

  • K/TAC Vandal
  • K/TAC Melee
  • Jigsaw Bulldog
  • Monarch Bucky
  • Force Card
  • Save Card
  • Clutch or Kick Spray
  • Salmon Nigiri Buddy

New feature: Squad Boost

Squad Boost is a new feature that is coming to Valorant Episode 3, Act 1. Players can play with their friends to receive a bonus XP from each match they play throughout the Valorant Year One Event from 6/22/2021 to 7/6/2021.

Here is a list of all the bonus players will get for playing at the same party with their friends:

  • Party of 1: 0% Bonus XP
  • Party of 2: 8% Bonus XP
  • Party of 3: 12% Bonus XP
  • Party of 4: 16% Bonus XP
  • Party of 5: 20% Bonus XP

Get your friends online for some Ranked mode action in Valorant, as the five-stack team bonus will now give 20% extra XP.

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