VALORANT: Is The New Map Fracture Set to Arrive In Episode 3 Act 2?

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 is scheduled to begin from 8th September 2021, and fans cannot wait for all the new changes to arrive in-game.

Episode 3 Act 1 will serve as a benchmark for future updates, as Riot Games implemented several changes to the economy and the Agent pool.

Fans are quite excited to see whether a new Agent will arrive in Episode 3 Act 2. However, all the recent leaks point to a new map coming to the game instead of an Agent.

Here's everything you need to know about the new map Fracture coming to VALORANT.

When Is VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 Releasing?

August 31st - More new map info

A recent trailer for the next map was released by Riot Games on Twitter. Fans flocked to the post to come up with theories about the Fracture Map.

The video teaser featured a radianite reactor which is present at the center of the map. The dual-biome of the map was clearly visible in the trailer, and it looks like fans are in for a treat.

According to community experts, this new trailer features a first-person view of the Fracture map. The center of the map will contain the radianite reactor shown in the trailer video.

Interestingly, a second trailer shows how a bullet fractures from its golden casing. This bullet seems to be made out of radianite energy. Several community members believe that this is a trailer for the next Agent 17 Deadeye coming to VALORANT.

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 1 was supposed to end on 24th August 2021. However, the developers extended Act 1 for a couple of weeks, and it will now end on 7th September 2021.

Hence, fans can expect VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 to commence from 8th September 2021. The developers have also hinted that this Act will be different from all its predecessors.

Experts believe that content drops will become more frequent in VALORANT after Episode 3 Act 2. Rumours surrounding two Agents surfaced on social media, and fans believe that these Agents might be added to the game eventually.

Is The Fracture map coming in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2?

According to popular VALORANT data miner @ValorLeaks, a new map named Fracture is coming in Episode 3 Act 2.

His post mentioned that Fracture is a top-secret experiment site split apart by a radianite-fueled disaster. The map is designed to encourage aggressive defender positioning on a new dual-biome map.

Fans flocked to his Twitter post to come up with theories about the map's design. While some believe that the new map will resemble Office from CS:GO, others feel that it would be categorically different.

From the images revealed so far, it is clear that the new map will have two Spike Sites. Each spawn will represent a specific biome, and the middle section of the map might be located underground.

While these theories sound incredibly plausible, they are to be taken with a grain of salt. The official update drops on 8th September, and fans will have to wait to find out more about the new map Fracture.

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