VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3: Chamber About To Change Competitive Meta

In a recent Tweet, G2 LotharHS highlighted the price and function of Chamber's abilities once he is released in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3. The new Sentinel Agent will have two guns, one trap and one teleport to work as his abilities.

Having an Agent with two weapons will make things ridiculously complicated for the opposing team. Imagine how pistol rounds would go if Chamber has a Classic and a Sheriff-like weapon from his toolkit. This would change the competitive meta comprehensively, and G2 LotharHS shared his thoughts about Chamber's importance in Act 3.

This brings us to the question of whether Chamber is overpowered or just looks menacing on paper. It will be answered once the Agent is released on 16th November. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of unknown facts about this new Sentinel Agent.

Before delving into the story remember to check out all the new leaks surrounding VALORANT Map 8, which might release in Episode 4 Act 1. At the same time, don't forget that VALORANT Champions starts in December, and it will be the biggest Riot-sponsored event so far in 2021.

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VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3: Chamber To Restructure Competitive Meta

VALORANT Champions Tour analyst and popular Twitch streamer G2 LotharHS highlighted a few salient features about the new Agent Chamber. He predicted how the competitive meta would shape up once this Agent arrives on 16th November in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3.

According to LotharHS, Chamber's high-damage guns will become a key feature in the upcoming competitive meta. Teams will focus on maximizing the value out of Chamber's utility every round since he will get a Deagle which costs 100 credits.

This will change how pistol and eco-rounds are played in the current competitive meta. Teams will move forward with a Jett-Chamber combination to fortify both attack and defence strategies. In the meantime, Yoru still needs a much-needed rework to even enter the competitive pick rate.

LotharHS predicts that Chamber will have a high pick rate in competitive tournaments. His ability to hold down an entire site or slow down opponents will be critical for professional teams. While fans may think that Chamber is designed to be as good as a Duelist, his job will be of a Sentinel.

Chamber's teleport can be used twice and it has a cooldown timer. It doesn't have the range of a Yoru teleport but works perfectly for a Sentinel. However, Chamber has to anchor his teleport at a specific spot and can only use the other once it's in range. His teleport beacons have to be in a 30m radius to work.

Furthermore, Chamber's traps have the same radius as Killjoy's nano swarm. Although they will destabilize the terrain instead of draining the enemy's health completely.

VALORANT: Jett-Chamber Pro Meta Incoming

GHOST kaplan also highlighted on Twitter how Chamber and Jett together would make a tough duo to tackle in competitive tournaments. Jett's dash and Chamber's teleport can become an escape tool exploited by players that would let them get to cover unpunished.

Mechanically proficient players will enjoy playing Chamber as this Agent focuses a lot on gunplay. His Sheriff - Headhunter will cost around 100 credits and will have one-tap headshot potential across the map. Players will get a maximum of eight bullets with an equip time of 300ms. Similarly, his ultimate Tour De Force will cost around seven ultimate points, and it will have five bullets to eliminate opponents instantly on direct contact.

It will be interesting to see if Chamber gets nerfed within the first few weeks of his release in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3. While everyone is yet to play Chamber, fans are already looking for leaks surrounding the next Agent 19 - who is scheduled to arrive in Episode 4.

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