VALORANT: Does Chamber Have Two Guns Too Many For A Sentinel?

The new Agent Chamber is about to reshape the meta in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3. Chamber is classified as a Sentinel, but his utility has enough damage to stand on par with Duelists, that is what the fans believe.

The developers designed him to stress on mechanical outplays, but experts feel that Chamber will crack the competitive meta with his high-damage toolkit. Imagine having an Agent who can trap enemies, use a one-tap Sheriff, has an instant teleport, and can slow down the terrain - that's exactly what Chamber was designed to deliver.

The concept of mechanical outplays is quite intriguing in VALORANT, which is why the devs at Riot decided to share some insight for players. Before delving into the story, remember to check out all the new leaks surrounding VALORANT Map 8, which might release in Episode 4 Act 1.

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VALORANT: Does Chamber Have Two Guns Too Many To Make It A Fair Fight?

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 goes live on 2nd November 2021, and the developers highlighted all the new elements coming to the game. Chamber classifies as a Sentinel Agent, however, his utility kit is designed to cause havoc. No other Sentinel Agent in the game has so many damage abilities, and it's perfectly designed to hold or retake a Spike Site.

Professional players like TenZ and ScreaM revealed their views on Twitter about the new Agent. Chamber's abilities make him as strong as a Duelist, and it will definitely restructure the concept of playing with Sentinels. Players with impeccable aim will have the advantage of getting a one-tap Sheriff and a five-bullet Sniper rifle ultimate while playing this Agent.

Sentinels are in-charge of holding an entire Spike site on their own, and this is why Killjoy fits in that role perfectly because of her high-damage utility. They need high-damage abilities to shut down a full rush on site. This is why Chamber seems to have the perfect set of abilities as a Sentinel, his damage abilities are coupled with range-based traps to hold a site.

Chamber: Ability Breakdown

Regardless of what players believe, Chamber is a Sentinel Agent and will function as one in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3. This means that although he has two guns as abilities, the Agent will be tethered to one specific Spike site. This theory would be tested in-game, and players may finally get to see the range of Chamber's teleport.

On the other hand, Chamber's Headhunter and Tour de Force will be the two guns players get to use in-game. Headhunter will cost around 100 credits and will have one-tap headshot potential across the map. Players will get a maximum of eight bullets with an equip time of 300ms. A ridiculously swift headshot pistol with eight rounds in the chamber and an ADS scope - that's one of Chamber's gun abilities.

The other one is his ultimate, Tour De Force which will cost around seven ultimate points. Tour De Force will have five bullets, and eliminate the opponent instantly on direct contact. Killing an enemy creates a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.

Thus, Chamber will become a key-Agent in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3, and only time will tell if he needs nerfs. Nevertheless, it is exciting to see how professional players and experts are already building strategies around this new Agent.

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