Valheim Stonecutter: How To Unlock the Stonecutter and Start Building Stone Buildings

If you're a fan of Valheim's flexible building system, no doubt you're likely the type that spends hours making houses in The Sims and have just transitioned to do the same in Valheim. Don't worry, you're not alone. Although, if you're sick of the basic looking wooden structures, you can actually upgrade to stone. This is also great for making sure your base is more secure but you'll need a Stonecutter first.

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How To Unlock The Stonecutter

To unlock the Stonecutter you'll need to head to the Swamp biome, once there you need to get yourself some Scrap Iron, this can be found in Muddy Scrap Piles dotted around the Swamp. Collect as much as you can, anything you don't use for the Stonecutter can be put towards other items. Go back to your base or wherever a Smelter is located and smelt the Scrap Iron. Doing this will give you Iron, the recipe below will craft a Stonecutter:

  • 10x Wood
  • 2x Iron
  • 4x Stone

What Can You Craft With the Stonecutter?

Once you've made a Stonecutter you can now craft a multitude of new things, the most important of which is stone buildings. Now you won't have to worry about those annoying Greylings getting in, it also looks a lot nicer, so there's that added bonus. Here's what you can craft:

  • Stone Floor
  • Stone Wall
  • Stone Arch
  • Stone Pillar

Is defence your main concern in Valheim? Not only will your base need upgrading but your armour too, check out which armour set suits you best here. If Bronze Armour tickles your fancy you'll need to get some bronze to make it, here's a guide on how to do that!

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