The Forgotten City: How To Get Galerius Elected

The Forgotten City. The amphitheater where the election takes place. There are a few citizens stood on the steps of the theater to the left

The Forgotten City. The amphitheater where the election takes place. There are a few citizens stood on the steps of the theater to the left

Getting Galerius elected as Magistrate will help you complete the "A virtuous man" quest in The Forgotten City. However, to get him elected is a long process and you will need to have completed several other tasks in the game first. Also, you need to make sure the citizens will vote for him. This is why we're going to show you how to get Galerius elected.

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How To Get Galerius Elected

To get Galerius elected as Magistrate, you will first need to complete the following quests and tasks:

Once you have done all of this, trigger a time loop however you'd like. After you exit the time loop and speak to Galerius again, you will need to choose "I'm ____ and I need you to take care of some things urgently". You should then choose all of the errands that are available to pick.

When Galerius runs off to complete these errands, you can either follow him or wait at the entrance of the market for him to finish his tasks. Once he finishes his tasks and Malleolus has dropped out of the election, Galerius will nominate himself as a challenger to Equitia near the Market entrance.

Check With the Citizens Who They Are Voting For

After Galerius nominates himself, you will need to go around all of the citizens in the city that are able to vote. As it's historically accurate, women are not allowed to vote. We've listed the male citizens and who they're going to vote for if you've done everything right so far:

  • Desisus will vote for Sentius (unless you bribe him with Denarii)
  • Rufius will vote for Galerius after he cures his Rheumatism
  • Vergil will vote for Galerius after he puts an end to the threats Vergil had been recieving.
  • Domintus will not vote, he's a little mad that Malleolus dropped out
  • Horatius will still vote for Sentius
  • Georgius will vote for Galerius as he saved the life of his friend Fabia
  • Ulpius will vote for Galerius as he saved his life. Also, Galerius would have freed him and Lulia from Malleolus.

Start the Election

Once you have 4 out 6 votes (Domitus will not vote), you need to find Equitia. She will be near the market entrance. When you speak to her, pick the following options:

  • What's the status of the election?
  • Can we start the election now?
  • Holding it early may prevent conflict between voters

She will agree then announce that the election will begin. The citizens will start to head to the amphitheatre near Duli's cell. Follow the other citizens to find your way there.

The Forgotten City. Sentius, Equitia and Galerius are standing in the amphitheater during the election. Senitus is on the left, Galerius is on the right and equitita is in the middle.
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Follow them and all you will need to do is watch as the election takes place. If there are enough votes for Galerius, he will win the election.

All of the smaller quests that you complete in The Forgotten City lead up to possibly getting Galerius elected (if that is what you choose). We have a few guides that can help you through some of the quests and challenges in the game. We have one that shows you how to get the flower and another that helps you figure out which character type you should choose.

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