The Forgotten City: How To Get the Flower

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The Forgotten City, the white flower is sat on top of the rock formation. It has several white little flowers on it and long green stems.

Your job in The Forgotten City is to find out who will break the golden rule and sometimes, this means you will need to help those you might be suspicious of. Galerius is a character that seems nice enough but it's up to you to decide if he's genuine or not. Along the way, Galerius will ask you to get a flower for him but it's hard to reach. This is why we're going to show you how to get the flower.

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How To Get the Flower

To get the flower, you will first need to get the zip-line tool from Galerius. You can get this when you speak to him after exiting your first-time loop. Once you have this, you can speak to him again but you will need to wait for him to finish his errands if you've set him any. When you do speak to him, he will ask you to get a flower for him.

To reach the flower, you will need to be standing at the portal and facing out towards the city. To the left of where you speak to Galerius after you exit the portal, there should be a zipline that goes across to the other side. Beneath the zipline is a body of water with a very tall rock formation in the middle. The flower is on top of this.

The Forgotten City. A view into the pond and farm below the portal. There is a tall rock formation in the center of the body of water on the left. There is a flower on top of this. There is a zipline on the left leading across from the high rock to the other side.
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To get the flower, you will need to ride the zipline but drop off of it to land where the flower is. To time this jump perfectly, look down and then jump off just before the rock formation is below you. It may take a few attempts to get this but once you do, you can collect the flower and jump down into the water. Once you have the flower, you can run off to find Galerius and give him the flower.

Galerius is not the only person you can choose to help in The Forgotten City. Getting the flower is one of the less complicated quests but it's arguably more demanding as you need to get the timing just right. We have some guides to help you on the more complex quests, including one on how to get into the palace and find Naevia. Also, we have a guide that shows you how to get the treasure behind the golden statue.

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