The Forgotten City: How To Stop the Assassin

The Forgotten City The Assassin at the Baths. The assassin is wearing a black cloth over his head that is covering his mouth. On his eyes are visible and you can see the tips of his arrows

Breaking The Golden Rule spells disaster for everyone in The Forgotten City and sometimes, you will need to stop people from breaking it (even if it means breaking it yourself). An assassin has found his way into The Forgotten City with one goal on his mind, to kill Quinctius. We're going to show you how to stop the assassin.

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How To Stop the Assassin

There are a few steps that you need to follow to stop the assassin and we've laid these out below.

Step One: Find the Woman in the Yellow Dress

You need to find the woman in the yellow dress (Fabia). To do this, head through The Market, past Desius and Vergil. You should see a large archway as you head up the steps and this is the entrance to the baths.

The Forgotten City. The image shows the entrance to the baths. The woman in a yellow dress is cowering on the steps to the right. There is a flame-lit torch on the left.
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Walk towards this archway and as you get closer, the interaction with Fabia should start. She will inform you that an intimidating man entered the baths and she's terrified he will break The Golden Rule. You need to choose to help her by clicking on the "I'll get right on it" option.

When you do this, Fabia will say she is going to hide in the shrine and she will do this no matter what you say. She will then be crushed when it collapses and this is unavoidable. After she is crushed, you need to keep heading towards the baths through the archway again. As you get closer to the doors of the baths, the assassin will appear through them.

Step Two: Get the Assassin To Kill You

When the assassin appears, you need to get him to break The Golden Rule. There may be other ways to do this, but this is the fastest way that we have found to get him to do this. After the assassin appears, he will start to talk to you and you need to follow the conversation until the option for "got it" appears. From here, you should make the following choices:

  • Put that Bow down and find out for yourself
  • You've got the wrong idea!
  • We're not keeping it a secret
  • Yes, because it's true
  • They were once people
  • We didn't turn them into gold
  • I wouldn't tell you
  • Choose any of the options that you want to at this point.

The basic idea is that you need to irritate the assassin to the point that he will shoot you. You need to get him to kill you as this will break The Golden Rule. After he kills you, you need to run to the entrance portal and run through it to trigger a time loop.

Step Three: Find Fabia Again

Once time has reset, head back to the area where you first met Fabia (the woman in the yellow dress). Follow the same conversational options until she says she is going to hide in the shrine. When she says this, follow these options:

  • Do not go in there!
  • Just trust me

Step Four: Lie to the Assassin

Fabia will then go and hide in her bakery. Once the conversation with her has finished you should keep heading into the baths to meet the assassin again. This time, you should follow the conversation until this option appears:

  • Yes. I saw him worshipping in a small shrine just inside the city. Second door on your left (lie)

The assassin will spare you and you should follow him as he heads into the shrine. When he is inside it, the shrine will collapse on him and kill him. Once he is down, walk to him and search him. You should take all of the items in his inventory, but the most important things to take are the Bow and the Arrows. The death of the assassin will not break The Golden Rule as, technically, no one else killed him.

Stopping the assassin links onto other quests in The Forgotten City, so it's a good one to get right. If you're playing the game and you have met Lucretia, we have a guide that shows you how to find Silphium Resin so you can help her heal Lulia.

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