The Forgotten City: How To Find Silphium Resin

The Forgotten City. Lucretia is looking at the ill Lulia laying down inside Apollo's Shrine. Lucretia is on the left and Lulia is laying on a small bed on the right. The entire room is decorated with red and gold.

It's your job in The Forgotten City to find out who will break The Golden Rule that will lead to the ultimate demise of the city's residents. Along the way, you meet a few characters that you need to help. One of these characters is Lucretia and when you first meet her, she needs your help to cure her friend who has been poisoned. We're going to show you how to find Silphium Resin.

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How To Find the Silphium Resin

There are a few steps that you need to follow to find the poison cure to save Lulia's life. Lulia will already be dead when you speak to Lucretia in Apollo's Shrine but this is meant to happen. To get the cure, you will need to follow the steps we have laid out below.

Step One: Speak to Lucretia

The first thing you need to do is speak to Lucretia in Apollo's Shrine. When you are speaking with her, she will inform you that a friend of hers called Lulia just died from a type of poison. Lucretia says that she knows how to cure the poison with something called Silphium Resin. She will then tell you that she tried to buy some from a vendor called Deisus but he wanted 1000 Denarii for it (which is too expensive for her).

Step Two: Deal With Desius

Once you reach the part of the conversation where you have multiple options, click on the "I'll get right on it" option to make this your main quest. You should see a quest indicator/marker appear on your screen after this. Follow this and it will lead you straight to Desius. If Desius is talking to Vergil then you will need to wait for them to stop before you can interact with him.

When you are talking to Desius, you will need to choose the following conversational options:

  • I need Silphium Resin
  • How about I just take it instead? (The whispers will begin to tell you to take it and run)
  • You don't know that for sure, I'll take my chances. (The whispers will tell you to take it)

Step Three: Steal the Resin

After the conversation ends, head towards Desius's stall. It should have a quest indicator above it but if you cannot find it, it should look like this:

The Forgotten City. Desius's stall. The wooden stall has three items on it and a bottle with a yellow stripe around the center in the middle of the table. There is a pot in front of the stall. The vendor is not there.
click to enlarge

In the middle of this stall, there will be a vase with a handle and a yellow band around the middle of it. This is the Silphium Resin and you need to walk up to it. Interact with it and click the correct control to take it.

As soon as you choose to steal this item, the world will change and you will need to start to run. You will have broken The Golden Rule and you need to follow the quest indicator to run back to the portal. When you are at the portal, you need to run straight through it. This will trigger a time loop and take you back to where you started. The only difference is that this time, you will have the Silphium Resin in your inventory.

Step Four: Find Lucretia Again

When you exit the portal area, you need to head back to Apollo's Shrine and speak to Lucretia again. While you are speaking with her, tell her that you have the cure and give it to her. She will feed this to Lulia and cure her of her illness.

Helping Lucretia cure Lulia is one of the many things you need to do in The Forgotten City. It may seem counterintuitive but breaking The Golden Rule is a good way of getting things done in the seemingly doomed community. We have a guide that answers an important question if you're playing the game - does it have autosave?

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