The Forgotten City: How To Get Malleolus To Drop Out of the Election

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The Forgotten City. The Great Temple and the bridge leading up to it. The Temple is on top of a high rock on the left and the bridge is on the left, leading up to the rock the Temple is on.
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When you arrive in The Forgotten City, an election is due to take place later in the day. The two candidates are the current leader Sentius and his opponent Malleolus. However, Malleolus isn't all he seems and you can get a seemingly good-hearted man to take his place. This is Galerius. However, to get Galerius elected you need to get Malleolus to withdraw. This is why we're going to show you how to get Malleolus to drop out of the election.

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How To Get Malleolus To Drop Out of the Election

To get Malleolus to drop out of the election, you will need to follow the several steps we have laid out below.

Step One: Stop the Assassin

Before you can get anywhere near Malleolus, you will need to figure out how to stop the assassin. Once you have stopped him, you can search him and take the execution order from him for a man called Quinctius.

Step Two: Enter the Villa and Talk to Malleolus

When you find out how to enter the villa, you will need to find and speak to Malleolus. When you are speaking to him you must pick these options:

  • So, you're Quinctius
  • You have one green eye, one blue eye, just like the description in this execution order from Emperor Nero.
  • My mistake, never mind

Step Three: Find Claudia and Make the Deal

If you haven't got it already, head to the main doors in the villa and take the key on the left-hand side of them. Then, head up the stairs to the right of the door and follow the red carpet around until you come to another set of locked doors. You should hear a woman crying behind them. Unlock the door and head in. Claudia, Malleolus's wife will speak to you and you will need to speak to her.

Once you start talking to her, choose these options:

  • How would you like some help getting back at Malleolus?
  • I don't think he is who he says he is
  • Just a hunch, I was hoping we could figure his true identity out together

Claudia will then give you a love letter from Malleolus, but he wrote Quinctius instead of Malleolus. When she starts to talk again, you must pick this option:

  • We ______ must stick together

She will then ask you to bring her some wine in exchange for the letter. We have a guide that can show you how to get some wine. Once you have some, come back to the villa and head straight upstairs to talk to Claudia. All you need to do is give her the wine and she will give you the letter. You should then follow the conversation and choose:

  • No, I think I'll hang onto it
  • I'll be going now
The Forgotten City. Claudia, Malleolus's wife, is handing over the love letter to the player. Her hair is tied up but her eyes show she has been crying and her smudged make-up shows this too. The room she is in has deep red. She is holding the letter out towards the player, the letter is a beige/brown colour.

Step Four: Speak to Malleolus Again

When you have the letter, head back downstairs and speak to Malleolus again. When you are talking to him, follow these options:

  • I want you to withdraw from the election
  • Because I know you're Quinctius
  • No, I'm not, fortunately for you

At this point, you will be given two choices. Which one you choose is up to you and can depend on if you've saved Ulpius and Lulia yet.

  • Not if you withdraw from the election immediately and release everyone in debt bondage to you.
  • Not if you withdraw from the election immediately.

Then select "I will" and he will withdraw from the election. Once you leave the villa, Malleolus will tell Domitus to tell the Priestess that he has dropped out of the election. Once Domitus tells the Priestess, she will tell everyone else about it. You will learn that unless another challenger comes forward, Sentius will be re-elected by default.


Getting Malleolus to withdraw from the election is one of the many things you need to do in The Forgotten City on your search to figure out who will break the golden rule. There are other quests for you to complete but they can become a bit complicated. Luckily, we have some guides that can help you through them. We have one guide on how to get into the palace and find Naevia as well as one on how to get the treasure behind the golden statue.