The Forgotten City: Which Character Type Should You Choose?

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 The Forgotten City is written in gold and there are green vines as the background.

At the beginning of The Forgotten City, you are pulled from a river by a woman named Karen. You will then be able to decide which character type you'd like to be. There are four different types that you can choose from and each type has its own perks. We're here to help answer an important question - which character type should you choose?

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Which Character Type Should You Choose?

Ultimately, which character type you should choose is down to you and how you want to experience the game. Once you tell Karen which type you want to be, the only way to reset this will be to start the game again. We've briefly explained each character type and what their benefits are so that you can make an informed decision.

The Forgotten City, Karen. The image shows Karen, a young woman who pulled you from the river. She has dark brown hair, pale skin and is wearing a black coat.
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This is a nice Karen, or at least she seems nice


Option: "I was searching for ancient ruins"

If you choose the Archaeologist option, you will be able to see little bits of extra information about the surrounding world when you go back in time. This can be useful in figuring out where you are in the ancient city and can be a nice little treat for those of you interested in history. This character type seems to be good if you're more interested in the exploration side of the game.


Option: "I was on a covert mission"

Choosing the Soldier option will give you a military-issued firearm that you will have for the remainder of the game. The catch is that you will only have 10 bullets and you cannot find any more in the ancient city. You will need to use the bullets sparingly. However, you do get your hands on another weapon later on and you can find ammunition for that one. Combat is a part of a couple of quests, therefore this character type can be good if that's something you enjoy.


Option: "I was on the run from the law"

If you choose the fugitive option, you will be able to move 25% faster than the other character types. Your walking and running speed will both be increased. This means that you can make your way around the ancient city at a decent speed. More importantly, it means you can run away from any danger when you need to. Fugitive is a good character type for those of you who are new to the game and those of you who aren't so fond of things chasing you.


Option: "I barely remember anything"

If you choose this option you will be 50% harder to kill. This can be really useful because there are many unexpected ways that you can die in the ancient city. Each time you die, you will be reset to your most recent save. if you're the adventurous and brave type, being harder to take down may be the option for you if you want to avoid multiple accidental deaths. Also, being harder to kill makes this character type useful for those of you who are new to the game or games of this genre.

Which type you choose is up to you. However, if you're new to the game then we recommend either the Fugitive or Amnesiac type. Once you have completed the story or you have gotten used to the game, you can easily start a new game as a Soldier or Archaeologist.

Your job in The Forgotten City is to find out who will break the golden rule but that is harder than it first appears. On your quest to find out the truth about what happened to the ancient city, you will meet and help numerous different characters. We have a guide that shows you how to find Silphium Resin to help one character and how to stop the assassin to help another.

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