LG UltraGear 48" OLED Monitor: Release Date Predictions, Specs, And Everything We Know So Far

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If all the excitement around the new LG C2 series wasn't enough, it looks the brand is releasing a new LG UltraGear 48" OLED gaming monitor this year, the LG 48GQ900.

We've rounded up everything you need to know right here, plus some of our predictions as to what to expect when it hits the market, and why this could be one of the best OLED gaming monitors of the year.

When Is The LG UltraGear 48" OLED Monitor Release Date?


The LG 48GQ900 is said to be releasing in the latter half of the year, however, an exact release date is still yet to be revealed.

LG recently stated that the new monitor would be arriving in Japan this month and be arriving in North America and Europe following sometime after.

The good news is that we now know more about the upcoming monitor, and it looks like Steve May, who tweeted that LG had an OLED monitor in store for us, was bang on the money...

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LG says that the UltraGear 27GQ50F-B and 24GQ50F-B will both be available this month, although pricing hasn't been announced at this time.

Steve May, an industry insider and tech specialist, tweeted recently that a brand new 48-inch UltraGear OLED gaming monitor is set for a 'July release'.

We're surprised we didn't see the rumoured OLED monitor make an appearance at showing at CES 2022, but this may have been to promote the new line of LG C2 and LG G2 TVs instead and let's face it, the Samsung Odyssey Ark was a tough customer to outshine!


What about the specs of this LG UltraGear OLED monitor though?

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LG UltraGear 48" OLED Monitor Specs

The new LG 48GQ900 will be 4K, 120hz, HDMI 2.1, and already we think this is going to be one of the best HDMI 2.1 monitors of the year.

Now the full specs of the monitor are yet to be revealed, but an earlier tweet from industry insider Steve May claimed that we should expect an anti-reflective coating also.

That may not be a surprise though, as while the best glossy gaming monitors are on the way, it's still a trend that hasn't quite taken off just yet...

With all that being said, FlatPanelsHD have claimed to have some more insight into the LG 48GQ900 specs.


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The new monitor is reportedly set to feature a staggering 0.1ms response time, with a 98.5% DCI-P3 colour gamut, 10-bit colour, and HDR. Again, most of this is hardly a surprise, especially from an OLED panel, but a true 1ms response time on a 48-inch screen is impressive.

When it comes to the refresh rate, we originally thought it may be 144hz, in line with the popular Gigabyte Auros, but it looks like they've stuck to 120Hz in this case.

This may be a move to appeal to the console market...and yes, LG, it's worked! This monitor already sounds like a great pairing for Xbox Series X or PS5.

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LG UltraGear 48" OLED Monitor Design

The one thing we've got a good look at now is the design, and we're sort of on the fence with it.

LG UltraGear 48 OLED gaming monitor
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Credit: LG

Steve May's tweet did say that the design would be understated, and that's certainly true...

Asides from the small amount of detailing to one of the sides on the back of the monitor, it's quite no-thrills in comparison to some of the other OLED gaming monitors both on the market and heading our way.

LG ultragear 48" Oled monitor
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Credit: @SteveMay_UK

Some people may love it, though, and LG does do understated very well, but for those looking for something a little more punchy, some may want to look elsewhere.

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LG UltraGear 48" OLED Monitor Price Predictions

The LG UltraGear line can be quite expensive, but it's not the most expensive we've come across.

In fact, one of LG's best 1440p monitors is actually pretty reasonable for what you're getting.

In this case, we'd say that it may come in at around $1100 - $1300. We were recently surprised by the lower price of the new Alienware QD-OLED monitor, which will be $1300 despite the new panel tech, so we're hoping for something along these lines with LG.

We'll have to sit tight to hear more information, but we've got our fingers crossed that this may be one of the best OLED gaming monitors of the year and tick a lot of boxes for both Series X, PS5 and PC gamers out there.

We'll be back with you soon with more updates.

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