LG C2 TVs: Specs, Price, Best Deals And More

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CES 2022 has seen some showstopping announcements, including new QD-OLED TVs from Samsung plus Sony's upcoming XR A95K, but the new line of LG TV, dubbed the C2 series, has to take the cake.

And it looks like after much anticipation the LG C2 series has finally arrived.

Here's everything you need to know about the new line that follows arguably one of the most popular TV ranges for gaming, the C1 series.

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When Was The LG C2 Release Date?

The LG C2 range was announced at CES 2022 and each of the models first became available in most regions in either late March or Early April.

However, it seems that the new OLED Evo TV has already sold out at various retailers including LG's website.

You can check the availability of stock at Amazon by following the links below...

Best of luck, you'll want to be quick to ensure you don't miss out on the highly anticipated gaming TV.

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LG C2 Brightness

The LG C2 features an 'OLED evo' panel that promises improved HDR performance, and brightness topping the C1 range.

The Oled Evo panel actually debuted with the LG G1 last year, but it is only now being implemented in the C2 series.

More brightness is always welcome in the world of OLED panels and should be able to narrow the gap between the high peak brightness of Samsung QD-OLED TVs for example.

The new OLED TVs from LG including the C2 and G2 also received an upgrade from Dolby Vision to Dolby Vision IQ.

This should mean that the new TVs can achieve even higher levels of contrast than the previous models and should enhance the already powerful HDR format.

LG C2 Sizes

Perhaps the most appealing part of this is that we're getting a world's first, in the form of a 42" display.

It's a welcome addition, especially for those with smaller living spaces or those who'd enjoy an OLED screen in their bedroom.

There's more also, including the familiar 48", 55", 65", 77" and a massive 83" size.

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The 48-inch size will be familiar to those who purchased the C1 48 model, and it looks there will also be a lower spec A2 model at the same size too.

It's arguably a slightly 'odd' size, however, it does work well as a large screen in smaller rooms and potentially for a slightly over-the-top desktop setup.

There are also a few design changes this time around...

LG C2 Design

We've come across a glimpse of the 42" model, which you can see below, alongside a look at the 48-inch model. The 42" model has some differences to the central stand setup we're used to.

LG C2 release date
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Credit: LG
LG C2 TVs release date
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Credit: LG

I for one prefer the central stand as it requires less table space if you're not mounting the TV to the wall, but it's good to see some design change occur to what has been a fairly similar looking run of TVs.

This design is said to make it better for desktop setups, which does pose this TV as a competitor against some of the new OLED gaming monitors that were announced at CES 2022 too.

You can catch a glimpse of some of the other LG TVs announced at CES 2022 here.

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LG C2 Price

According to Techradar, It looks like LG has finally revealed the official pricing for their upcoming OLED TVs for 2022, including the C2 series.

The US prices for the LG C2 are as follows...

  • LG C2 42" (OLED42C2PUA) - $1,399
  • LC C2 48" (OLED48C2PUA) - $1,499
  • LG C2 55" (OLED55C2PUA) - $1,799
  • LG C2 65" (OLED65C2PUA) - $2,499
  • LG C2 77" (OLED77C2PUA) - $3,499
  • LG C2 83" (OLED83C2PUA) - $5,499

A European price breakdown of the entire line of LG C2 TVs has seemingly been revealed by a German website, AreaDVD.

  • LG C2 42": €1,650
  • LG C2 48": €1,800
  • LG C2 55": €2,300
  • LG C2 65": €3,200
  • LG C2 77": €5,400
  • LG C2 83": €7,500

In the UK, prices range from around £1,399 for the smaller 42-inch model, all the way up to £5,499 for the 83-inch version.

How do we feel about the price? It's quite expensive, let's be honest, but we expected it to be. There are some small but meaningful improvements to the LG C2, and we think much like the C1, it won't be topped anytime soon.

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LG C2 Best Deals

At the time of writing, the LG C2 is still very fresh and so deals for the new TV line are a little thin on the ground.

However, if you're in the UK you can currently save 11% on the 42-inch LG C2 model, bringing it down from £1,399.99 to £1,249 at Amazon.

Otherwise, most of the best deals available appear in the form of bundles.

For example, on John Lewis' website, you can purchase the LG C2 48-inch TV alongside the LG SN4 Bluetooth soundbar and save £185 off of the overall price.

On John Lewis, you can also claim a £100 E-Gift Card if you are a 'My John Lewis' member when purchasing the LG C2 48-inch model.

At the time of writing, you can also save £200 at Currys on the 55-inch LG C2 model, bringing it down from £1,899 to £1,699.

There is also a limited edition Star Wars version of the LG C2, you can register your interest on LG's website.

The Star Wars-themed version of the LG C2 TV boots up making the sound of Darth Vader breathing and the on-screen cursor looks like a lightsaber.

We'll be sure to keep you up to date with all the best offers available on the LG C2 TVs, so be sure to check back with us to ensure you don't miss out!

Should I buy the LG C2?

There are a few great alternative options to consider before purchasing the LG C2.

Of course, we wouldn't blame anyone that does decide to go for the new C2 range, however, it may be worth checking out some of the other options available.

You can go for the LG C1 range, which is still a popular OLED choice and offers much of the same gaming-orientated features such as ALLM, VRR and 'true' HDMI 2.1.

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Alternatives for those weighing up whether or not to go for the 42 inch LG C2 can be found in the world of HDMI 2.1 monitors, many of which are sized similarly and offer arguably lower input lag and response times.

There are even rumours of an LG UltraGear 48" OLED monitor heading our way soon...

The Gigabyte Aorus would be a good call for an OLED gaming monitor, but if you want to hold out for the upcoming OLED monitor releases, you may be waiting a while yet.

You may even want to weigh up the differences between the LG C1 and LG C2 before diving in, but in our opinion, we'd say it's worth waiting for the LG C2 if you're planning a major upgrade to your entertainment setup.

If you're looking for a smaller TV for the bedroom, we'd say that it's also worth waiting as we think the 42" LG C2 TV will really deliver the goods and could easily work on a desktop setup too.

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