Splitgate Weapon Tier List: The Best Splitgate Weapons

Choosing the best Splitgate weapons obviously makes a world of difference in any match, and while any gun can keep you alive in a fight, there's a distinct Splitgate weapons tier with clear winners at the top.

We've broken down the Splitgate weapons based on ease of use, damage potential, time to kill, and rate of fire. If you're just getting started in the sci-fi shooter, make sure to check out our Splitgate beginner's weapons guide and how to get cosmetic skins as well.

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Splitgate Weapons | How to Get Weapons in Splitgate

You automatically start most matches with two weapons, the Carbine and Assault Rifle. Some modes are a bit different, e.g. Contamination gives you no weapons if you're contaminated, and Shotty Snipers equips you with a sniper rifle.

You'll find other weapons at weapon spawn points scattered around the map. These have cooldown timers, so if you see someone grab that lush shotgun you wanted, you'll have to wait before it's available again - which you absolutely shouldn't do because weapon spawn points make easy targets.

Splitgate Weapons | Splitgate S-Tier Weapons

These are the guns that deal the most damage most reliably, but even S-tier weapons have caveats.

Splitgate Shotgun

Image showing Splitgate shotgun
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The shotgun is a powerful and reliable weapon that deals heavy damage at close ranges - everything you'd expect from a shotgun, basically. There's no frills here and also no abundance of ammo.

You'll reload after seven shells, so make sure to pair this with the Assault Rifle or SMG to keep from getting in a tight spot.

Splitgate Rocket Launcher

Image showing Splitgate rocket launcher
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The rocket launcher's damage output is better than the shotgun's, especially since it has a strong AoE effect. The problem is ammo. After two shots, your rocket launcher turns into deadweight, so ditch it and move on once that happens.


Image showing Splitgate SMG
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For close-range combat, few surpass the SMG's destructive power. This machine gun's time to kill is incredibly short up close, and range is really it's only drawback.

Damage drops off harshly at greater distances, to say nothing of its accuracy.

Splitgate Weapons | Splitgate A-Tier Weapons

A-tier weapons may rival S-tier weapons in power, but come with greater drawbacks.

Splitgate Railgun

Image showing Splitgate railgun
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The railgun is almost unparalleled in terms of overall damage, but it's also tough to set up the right shot. Rarely do people stay still for long in Splitgate, and that's bad news for the railgun. It takes a couple of seconds to charge a shot, and unless your enemy doesn't know you're there, it's easy to avoid.

This one also runs out of energy fairly quickly. Still, if you can snipe foes from a portal or line up a good ranged shot, it's a fun and destructive weapon to use.

Splitgate Sniper Rifle

Image showing Splitgate sniper rifle
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The sniper rifle is like the shotgun: It does exactly what you expect. Headshots are lethal if you can land them. When you can't, you're looking at two or three shots to get a kill, which is far from ideal at closer range.

Splitgate Assault Rifle

Image showing Splitgate assault rifle
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You'll start most matches with the assault rifle as your secondary weapon, and it's a good one to keep handy for a more aggressive playstyle. The SMG hits harder and has less of a damage drop-off, but you also have to hunt for it.

Splitgate Weapons | Splitgate B-Tier Weapons

B-tier weapons are solid, but also more difficult to use or less powerful than their peers.

Splitgate Battle Rifle

Image showing Splitgate battle rifle
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Your mileage will vary on this one, but the high skill level and slow rate of fire incline us to rate the battle rifle a bit lower than most. Sure, it's powerful, but your enemies have plenty of potential to tear you down in between its three-burst rounds.

Splitgate Carbine

Image showing Splitgate carbine
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You start most matches with a carbine, and it's okay. It's fine! And that's about it.

Time to kill is decent, but the carbine's rate of fire is too slow to recommend using it unless you have to.

Splitgate Plasma Rifle

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The plasma rifle is either B-rank or A-rank depending on your playstyle. It's fast and accurate, but you can't get headshots with it. Your best bet for using the Plasma Rifle is on maps with narrow corridors where you can overwhelm opponents before they can get away - and before the lengthy reload kicks in.

Splitgate BFB

Image showing Splitgate BFB
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Your very big stick in Splitgate means instant death for enemies, but the problem is pretty clear. You don't always want to show up to a gun fight with a baseball bat.

Splitgate Weapons | Splitgate C-Tier Weapons

Image showing Splitgate pistol
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The humble Splitgate pistol occupies this lonely position. It's not your best bet for any fight, but it's competent enough if you're in a bind.

Splitgate will remain in beta for a while yet, so we don't anticipate the weapons list changing anytime soon.

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