Splitgate: How To Get Character Skins, Weapon Cosmetics

1047 Games is steadily pushing out cosmetics in Splitgate recently. Players can now earn these skins to change their appearance in the game. The developers have also confirmed that players can transfer their skins from the beta into the live servers on release.

Cosmetic Skins

So far, players can get cosmetics for four parts of their character's armor and every weapon in Splitgate. Once they have a different skin, players can wear it in their Locker and will be their character and weapon appearance loadout once they start matches. Getting these skins have a different way depending on which one.

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Earn It, Open Rewards Or Buy It

Splitgate skins can be earned through completing challenges, snagging them from opening a Reward Drop, or buying it from the store. Players will be informed on each skin they get and can browse through them in their Locker.

The challenges tab will be introduced later as the player earns more levels. Every weapon has its own set of challenges that can be achieved similar to how some weapon skins are earned in Call of Duty titles. Players will be rewarded with skins for their proficiency with the weapon.

On the other end, players can get some weapon and character skins from the lootbox system of Splitgate called Reward Drops. The rarity of the loot can vary from getting skins this way.

Lastly, players can also purchase skins using Splitgate's premium currency, Splitcoin, from the Item Shop. Players can get limited time cosmetics and can even choose the rarity of the cosmetics they buy. 1047 Games also has a wide selection of cosmetic bundles for players to choose from.

They Carry Over On Full Release

The developers confirmed that Splitgate beta players will carry over their progress once the game gets fully released. Challenge progress, records, and other rewards including every cosmetic skin they earn right now are included in this. At best, playing the Splitgate beta is worth it as players can proceed further without worrying about losing the skins they'll get this time.

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