Splitgate: The Best Weapons For Beginners & When To Use Them

As of now, Splitgate's arsenal is still small but most of its guns are effective at eliminating your foes. However, knowing to use which gun depending on your range can make or break your gunfights in this game. Here's how players can use guns at their best ranges in Splitgate.

Fire Rate Wins At Close Ranges

Similar to other first person shooters, guns with rapid fire rates often wins fights up close. This tactic also works in Splitgate and can be done using your Assault Rifle. Splitgate's Assault Rifle has a decent fire rate to gun down foes up close.

If aiming for the best fire rate, the Splitgate SMG is a weapon pickup that has a better fire rate than most guns but cannot be aimed down sights. Alternatively, the Plasma Rifle also works similarly but is in the middle of the SMG and Assault Rifle's fire rate and is equipped with unique reload system.

Overwhelm your foes with fire rate and look for enemy backup once you're done with the fight. Assess if you can still take another enemy and run away with your portals if not.

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Best Feeling And Movement At Mid Ranges

At times, players will get into fights where the enemy is close but not near enough to land a melee hit on them. The Mid-range fight often happens when the player can see the enemy's full body and can target each other quite comfortably. At this range, full auto and accuracy counts as you'll need to gun down the enemy faster than you.

Unlike close-range fights, mid-range fights can be more manageable as players still have opportunities to run into cover and avoid fire using movement. Keep taking mid-range fights to gauge how far your fight or flight responses should go when trying to earn kills while denying your foes of score.

Good guns for these fights are Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, and Carbine when aimed down sights. Landing good hits are key to ending these fights as extended fights like this can open players up with their other enemies flanking on the sides.

Carbines and Snipers at Far Ranges

Lastly, players could chance up and spot an enemy trying to land good shots on their allies and just stand there for better accuracy. It's actually a great idea to hit stationary targets from a far using the Carbine, Sniper, and Railgun.

These three Splitgate guns are the hardest hitting rifles in the game. The Rocket Launcher can be lethal but it can be predictable at farther ranges due to the rocket's slow travel time.

Most of the time, the Carbine is the player's choice for taking long-range fights as it is a standard-issue weapon for most of Splitgate's game modes. The Sniper rifle is a weapon pickup that deals half of a player's health on a bodyshot and immediately downs anybody on a headshot. Meanwhile, the Railgun shoots a high-powered laser that has a slow charge up but immediately kills all of the foes caught in its path.

Overall, the usual "land your shots" standard in first person shooters also applies in Splitgate if aiming to win fights. If some of these guns are not up to your tastes, try using the gun you're most comfortable with and use it for any engagement at any range. Most of the Splitgate's weapons have hitscan which means it'll hit as long as the crosshair is on the enemy when it is fired at a foe. In a way, Splitgate's gunplay can be forgiving as long as the enemy's movement is tracked properly.

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